A home parcel locker is a secure locker, which lives outside of your home, in easy reach of delivery drivers, waiting to receive parcels and packages. Something a little like a larger, more secure post box. These lockers are becoming more popular, and are often used by businesses and residents, as a way to receive parcels when they aren’t at home. Parcel lockers can look smart, fit in with your garden decor, and give your home an air of security. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of a home locker, and some of the reasons why you might want to consider adding one to your house. 

It Will Help You To Stay Healthy

At the moment, the safety of your parcel shouldn’t be your only consideration. As COVID-19 spreads around the globe, we’re being advised to avoid contact with people from outside of our households as much as we possibly can. This reduces the spread of the virus and helps protect us and other people. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t receive deliveries at home. parcel lockers mean that you can receive parcels and packages without any contact with another human being. 

Of course, once this pandemic is over, this will still help to protect you from colds, flu, stomach bugs, and other contagious illnesses. 

You’ll Never Miss a Parcel

Now that online shopping is commonplace, most of us have missed a parcel here and there, especially at Christmas time, when we might order more than usual while being out for longer periods. Some of these parcels get left outside, or with neighbors. Others, get sent back to the warehouse, or to other collection points, which we may then have to find and collect from. 

If you’ve got your own parcel locker, you never need to miss another parcel. 

You Won’t Have to Cancel Plans

Nor will you have to change your plans to make sure that you are at home to receive an important parcel when it’s due to arrive. You can carry on with life normally, knowing that your package will be safely waiting for you when you get home. 

Your Valuable Parcels Will Never Be Left at Risk

If you’ve never had a parcel stolen or damaged having been left on your doorstep, or in another so-called “safe space” while you were out, you are probably in the minority. It’s happened to most of us, and while good couriers or suppliers will replace your items or issue a refund, it’s still annoying and inconvenient. A secure home locker means that all of your parcels will be safe. You just need to give the delivery company to access code so that they can enter your secure locker.

Advanced Tracking Information

Your home locker comes with an app. You’ll get a notification as soon as your parcel has arrived, and often, more advanced tracking information while it is on route. This could be a big help if you’ve ordered a gift for another member of your household and want to make sure that you get to it before they do.