It’s pretty crazy how quickly we all went from everyday life to almost complete lockdown, and many moms are feeling the panic more than most. 

Some moms are highly susceptible to COVID-19 complications, and then there are other moms of kids who are especially vulnerable. And then, there are the moms who are just worried about the safety of their families and older relatives. 

It’s enough to give anyone anxiety. But in this crisis, it’s important to remember that there are still things that are within our control.

Take care of yourself

We’ve all heard the advice that we need to put our own oxygen masks on first. And we can understand why this makes sense on an airplane. But if you relate it to everyday life, it’s also very relevant. Moms are juggling a lot right now, from homeschooling to worries about paying bills, we’ve got a lot piled on top of already toppling to-do lists. And if you want to ensure you’ll be okay through it all to give your best, you’re going to have to be kind to yourself. Take the time to have a warm bath or read a book after the kids go to bed. Not only do you deserve it, but you’ll feel better equipped to handle the challenges the next day has to bring. 

Prepare for anything

While we’re all hoping for the best, it’s a good idea to make sure we have all the necessary things to get us through the worst. We’re not talking panic buying and hoarding here. But for the safety of your family, it’s a good idea to get all your important documents together. It’s not that you have to worry, but with everything happening in the world right now, it’s a good reminder that we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Just make sure you have documents like birth certificates and social security cards for everyone. If you don’t have one, you can get a replacement birth certificate or social security card to keep on file. 

Order curbside or delivery 

If you’re a single mom, going to the grocery store alone isn’t an option — especially now. This is why it’s a good idea to take advantage of curbside or delivery for your groceries. Even if you’re an essential worker or have a spouse to help, you can limit your exposure by avoiding the grocery stores. This usually means ordering groceries in advance, but the added safety is worth the planning. 

Create a routine to check on parents

Even though you’re a parent yourself, you’re going to worry about those who have raised you. And while it’s usually not a good idea to check on them with physical visits, so figure out how you’re going to check-in. If your parents are tech-savvy, you may do Zoom calls or something similar. If not, maybe it’s just a phone call. Either way, try to go deeper than the surface-level check-in. This isolation is getting to everyone, and the elderly are especially vulnerable. Be on the lookout for things like depression and substance abuse. Substance abuse is prevalent in the elderly, and this pandemic is driving many people in the direction of substance abuse. 


Everyone is scrambling to get supplies and find a new sense of normal during this pandemic, but while you’re figuring it all out, it won’t hurt to take a few extra safety precautions.