When the worst happens, it always pays to be prepared. Seconds matter in intense situations, but employees and personnel that don’t have the proper training may make mistakes that can have severe consequences. There are many situations where having tactical response solutions available can make all of the difference. Don’t be caught by surprise if these events become a reality.

Physical Attack

Sometimes it isn’t easy to detect a threat. Attackers come in many forms, and many people can be taken off guard and not know how to respond. This not only affects the workplace but everyone’s peace of mind.

Getting hands-on defense training is a great solution to helping employees and other personnel be well prepared for a surprise attack. Self-defense classes not only make the workplace safer, but it also provides people with a sense of security knowing they have the skills necessary to protect themselves and others. Training will provide you a safe environment and the protective gear you may need to train, like body armor plates. This confidence also may be extended into their everyday life, making them more valuable to businesses and society as a whole!

Assault with Deadly Force

The potential for an attack carried out by armed assailants is something that no one wants to think about. School and workplace attacks get headlines because they are scary situations. Having a general idea of how to implement safety practices isn’t enough when tensions are high and threats become real.

The only real defense is through training. When diligently instructed, staff know how to respond quickly to firearm-related assault events, saving seconds and lives in the process. By having preestablished tactical response solutions in place and a team of colleagues ready to implement hose plans, the chances of mitigating disaster rise exponentially.

Direct Asset Risk

Physical and weapon-based attacks are not always aimed at a group, building or organization. There are times when a single individual or small group is the target of aggression. These situations are drastically different since it involves the protection of a few specific people instead of a coordinated lockdown of a facility.

In scenarios like this, security teams and staff need expert instruction to know how to quickly secure the targets. On-site training is especially helpful since it lets the students experience how events may actually play out, familiarizing themselves with appropriate avenues for escape or secure locations that they interact with on a daily basis.

Education is the best defense against a spirited offensive. Make sure your employees and facilities are prepared for any eventuality and your employees and personnel will feel that much safer before, during and after a crisis.