An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure as the old saying goes, and nowhere is that truer than with traveling. We’ve all forgotten to pack a few supplies on trips, but some forgotten items are worth more than others especially when you take into account when and where you travel. Consider storing a little notebook with your luggage to help you remember these essentials which can make or break a trip.

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If you have ever woken up in a hotel room in the middle of the night with an upset stomach, you are likely to know the value of packing a roll of antacids. Many people always carry pain medication with them, but few people think about having an upset stomach unless they have one. Having an upset stomach in a strange city where you may not have a car or speak the language is a terrible experience. Even if you’re in your home country, you probably won’t know where to find an all-night pharmacy or feel well enough to get there. It’s best to purchase travel insurance like InstaInsure in case of illnesses that ruin an entire trip, but for standard vacation over indulgences or local food that doesn’t settle, pack a few antacids.


You may only be going away for a few days, but always pack a second pair of shoes. It’s easy enough to re-wear socks if you forget to bring enough or turn your pajama shirt into a travel shirt, but wearing wet shoes is miserable. No one plans on getting their shoes wet, but it only takes a misstep, an unexpected rain shower, or a puddle spray from a speeding car to make you think (unhappily) about every step you take.


Traveling costs money, and while you may operate your daily life only with credit cards, not everyone around the world does. Some countries and businesses still operate primarily in cash. Credit card machines may be down unexpectedly (after you have already received the service) or in some places, there is a surcharge for using plastic. It’s imperative to keep a stockpile of $1 bills for tips too because you never know when or where you will need them. Take more cash than you think you’ll need to be divided up amongst the different suitcases and travelers. Most hotels have in-room safes to store your money. You can take out a few bills each day. You may not end up using it, but it’s better to have it just in case.

Traveling should be fun, and in most cases, it is. Watch out for the little unexpected things that can go wrong. Most of them can be fixed with just a tiny bit of pre-planning.