Actual value isn’t always determined by quality. As an example, consider any jersey actually worn by Michael Jordan in a game. The value of such a jersey in 2020 is astonishing. Just five years ago, somebody bought such a jersey for over $170k. Meanwhile, the actual value of cloth and ink involved is only worth dollars—maybe even under a dollar, depending on where the jersey was manufactured.

Perception and celebrity drive up the price of the fairly flimsy, otherwise cheap article of clothing. How people “see” things does much to affect how they “value” things. The same is true of a home, and one of the most obviously “valuable” augmentations you can make involves solid wood.

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The Future Is Seldom What Futurists Think, But It Can Be Close

Many homes today are constructed using futuristic materials. Monsanto previewed the “plastic house of the future” in 1967 at Disneyland of Anaheim, California. Not all homes are made of plastic fifty-three years later, in 2020, but there are quite a few building materials and furniture items which are definitely synthetic.

Tables, chairs, curtains, exterior facades—many items you can find in a store like Walmart have never heard of “natural” or “organic” building materials, and likely never will. Wood floors aren’t even wood today—not always. Have you heard of LVP? That’s: Liquid Vinyl Plank. Essentially, it’s synthetic flooring of the linoleum variety made to look wooden.

People Like Wooden Cabinetry

Actual wood is at a bit of a premium these days. True, many homes have in their walls and framing authentic wood—though 3-D printed architecture using composite materials is on the rise. But in terms of interior design, plenty of white-washed walls, metal cabinets, and Spartan design schemes tend to predominate.

If you want wooden interiors, you’ve got to go to some place like Jackson Hole in Wyoming. Well, ostensibly. In reality, you can acquire such cabinetry in a cost-effective way that communicates value subconsciously. The space where you install such furniture will have an aura of depth and comfort.

A Cabin In The Woods, Or In Your Kitchen?

Imagine a real cabin in the woods, and the sort of cabinets you might find there. Imagine earthy tones and warm wooden tables, chairs, countertops, and storage space. It’s even possible to install wooden interiors when the core of the home is built from other sorts of materials.

The key is finding which particular cabinets best fit your home. Certainly you can buy furniture from stores which sell items piecemeal. Traditional department stores and furniture outlets have some fine options. However, it’s a wiser choice to court some sort of custom appointment, and there are a few ways you can go about this.

Should You Go The DIY Approach, Or Contract The Job?

Certainly you can try the DIY route, but unless you’ve worked with wood before, you’ll have an uphill climb on your hands. You might save money, but the end result may not be pretty. Staining and laminating wood for regular use can take time, and be complicated. Still, this is the cheapest way to go.

You might also have contractors install custom-made cabinets. This will be the most expensive, and the most qualitative, option. However, if you find the right contractors, it’s not a bad idea. Still, there’s a better option which is somewhere in the middle between a DIY approach, and hiring out a contractor.

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A Balanced Option

You can simply buy cabinets made of solid wood from online sellers operating a variety of options. Have you considered the RTA approach? Essentially, Ready To Assemble cabinets can be ordered to match your specifications in terms of size.

Even certain design peculiarities can be specified. Alternatively, prebuilt options are also available—just look at these solid wood cabinets on Best Online Cabinets.

A kitchen with fine wooden cabinets is warm, it’s cozy, it’s inviting, and it could drive up the value of your home based on perception. Wood is also a flexible building material that stands the test of time; and it’s something you’re not going to see in modern builds like you may have in times past. If you’re courting kitchen remodeling, there’s much to recommend wood.