Security systems may be used to secure business properties and banks, however are they really as necessary as a solution for homes? You may spend hundreds and thousands on a top-notch security system, but how can you be sure that it’ll reap all the benefits that you expect it to? It’s understandable to find that many homeowners may feel a bit iffy about implementing home security products on their properties. Nevertheless, we’re dedicated to showing you just how effective the installation of such solutions can be for your abode.

Read on to discover the proof backing the effectiveness of home security measures: 

What Does Home Security Mean? 

Home security refers to the level of security present on your residential property, which can be significantly increased with the help of technical security systems such as alarm systems or CCTV, or physical measures such as investing in the best home security screens in Perth. Of course, the quality of all these products will affect how much functionality and longevity they are able to provide, which is why it’s always best to seek out reputable and reliable home security specialists whenever you’re intending to add more security solutions to your property. 

What Provides the Best Home Security?

You can never just simply rely on one product to provide your household with an adequate level of protection. Rather, it’s best to integrate a range of products together to perform as your home security solution, such as Verisure Smart Alarms. Now, as mentioned previously, choosing high quality products manufactured from strong and long-lasting materials is sure to provide as the perfect solution. Keep in mind however, that high quality products are not always the flashiest and most expensive products available on the market.

For example, aluminum security screens are generally considered an inexpensive security solution, however they are more than capable of providing your windows and doors with the fortification and defense level they need to withstand against forced entry attempts. An easy way to check your home security is to be sure that all your locks are updated and working properly.  The Alohomora locksmith website lists the kinds of services that locksmiths can provide to make your home or business most secure.

Where’s the Proof? 

No doubt you’re interested in the proof behind the effectiveness of home security solutions more so than anything. Luckily, we’ve got it all laid out here for you to feast your eyes upon:

According to burglary statistics by Budget Direct, Australia has been seeing a steady decline in burglaries for the past decade. In a survey conducted on police detainees found guilty of breaking and entering, 40% of participants claimed that minimal security was a mistake they believed homeowners made which made their properties seem as more desirable targets. Another survey conducted by Budget Direct interviewed 1000 Australians with intent on discovering predominant home security behaviours. They found that 55% of the participants who had had their homes broken into did not have any sort of security system installed. In fact, only 29.3% of Australian homes had a security system installed.  

Furthermore, 11 out of 12 former burglars consulted by Co-Op Insurance in the UK said that they would be put off targeting a home that had a smart home security system installed, whilst CCTV were named as the most effective deterrent by the panel. 

With all that said, home security systems are never an entirely fail-safe way of protecting your home from an invasion. However, as the aforementioned statistics illustrate, they still prove extremely useful in securing your home, setting burglars back, and making your property seem less of an attractive target.