Some years have passed since we started seeing a major shift in attitude towards cannabis and its usage. Subsequent regulatory changes have given researchers more freedom to explore just what the famous plant can do for us. We’ve already made some unprecedented discoveries, especially with cannabidiol. 

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Better known as CBD, this chemical compound is a focal point of the cannabis plant. Its well-documented properties and benefits are familiar to most of us by now. However, there are some lesser-known uses for CBD that you might not be aware of. Following are four examples that are quite remarkable. 

Superfood Smoothies

With the right ingredients, a smoothie can provide incredible nutritional value. Bananas, avocados, oats, seeds, nuts and leafy greens are all great options. But what if you could take it even further? For an absolute powerhouse of health and wellness, simply add a few drops of CBD oil or sprinkle in some isolate powder – around 15mg or more is recommended.

Smoking Hemp Buds

While you’re far more likely to find CBD products in the form of oils or capsules, they aren’t the rule. You can also obtain the hemp flower in its natural, unprocessed form. Hemp, as you’re probably aware, is a member of the cannabis family that is rich in CBD and low in THC. Buying the flower allows you to smoke it. 

In doing so, you can experience the effects much faster than if you were to ingest it. Moreover, variations in cannabinoid and terpene levels between different strains will influence the effect, potency, and flavor of the flower. Consider picking up some organic CBD buds if you’re interested in giving this new and exciting consumption method a try. 


Did you know that hemp plants are potential sources of renewable and sustainable energy? It’s called hemp biomass, which refers to the organic material of the plant. It’s affordable and environmentally friendly, with a much lower impact than fossil fuels. The material can also be used to create a range of different products, including clothes and plastics.

Treating Alzheimer’s 

As the number of cases continues to rise, the medical community is leaving no stone unturned in the search for solutions to this puzzling disease. Following the first investigation into the impact of CBD on Alzheimer’s Disease in 2014, the compound has presented an increasingly compelling case as a treatment option. 

When given CBD, tests performed on mice with Alzheimer’s found noticeable improvements in the reduction of symptoms such as cognitive deficits and social withdrawal. If not a be-all and end-all cure, CBD has great potential as a way to slow the growth of the disease.

Additional Benefits

Despite our progress, we’re nowhere near discovering the full potential of CBD. With the help of a few more studies, we can potentially confirm an even longer list of uses. This includes the treatment of mental disorders, drug addiction, tumors, and diabetes. We just need a little more evidence.


Cannabis is a truly astounding force of nature. Only time will tell what discoveries are made as we continue to unravel its secrets.