The first thing people tell you when you announce you want to get fit is to hit the gym. But the problem with the gym is that it can be expensive and inconvenient, and some people are just not comfortable with using a gym for their workouts. 

However, just because you hate the gym doesn’t mean you should miss out on the potential for getting into better shape. There are plenty of other options that don’t involve an extortionate charge leaving your bank account every month. So here are some ways to get into shape when you hate going to the gym. 

Use Workout Videos

There’s a lot to dislike about the internet, but one thing that you cannot hate is the way it has made information more accessible than it ever has been before, and likely ever will be. The sheer volume of free resources found on fitness forums, YouTube, and other platforms means that you never even need to venture out of your home if you want to get into shape. 

There is an enormous range of workout videos suitable for all fitness levels and desires, and often, you will find playlists that gradually increase the intensity as you go along. These videos make it quick and convenient for you to complete a workout in the morning when you get home from work, or just before bed. 

Buy Basic Equipment 

Sometimes a simple workout video isn’t entirely enough, though. However, for less intensive workouts, you can find basic workout equipment, such as free weights, for cheap to add an extra level to your home workout adventures

Free weights are not the only options, though, and you can also look for an exercise ball, jump rope, an exercise mat, and even hand strengtheners, which are useful for passive training while absent-mindedly watching TV. You don’t need to recreate your local gym in the spare bedroom, but investing in basic workout equipment will give you more variety and greater options for turning out different muscle groups to ensure a full-body transformation.

Walk and Take the Stairs

We know that it’s tempting to take the elevator when ascending floors at work or jumping in the car to dash to the store for a quick grocery top-up, but taking the stairs and walking more can have a massive effect on your fitness without you needing to put too much effort in. 

Just 30 minutes of walking per day can be beneficial and lower blood pressure, and it’s also good for your mind. If you don’t have the opportunity to walk whenever you can, try to take half an hour every evening and stroll around the neighborhood. You might even catch a vivid sunset or two, which will make it all more than worth it. 

Use the House

Your home may not feel like a proper gym, and that’s because it isn’t, but if you look around, you can probably see something that can double up as a weight bench or raised platform to try some sit-ups. There are also plenty of things around the house that weigh more than a pound, and if you can’t afford (or can’t commit) to buy proper weights right now, these will do just fine in the meantime. 

Your home is more than likely full of potential fitness equipment as long as you look hard enough. Not only will you get the workout you need, but you’ll also have fun trying out new things that would otherwise be neglected. The more you try, the more creative you’ll be, make sure you don’t hurt yourself in the process. 

Seek Professional Help 

Even with all this potential, you still might struggle to maintain and keep up your workout routine. If you find this is the case, then seeking professional help such as what is available at the Chicago Weight Loss & Wellness Clinic should help put you on the right track. 

By working with trained professionals, you’ll be able to find a fitness program that works for you that doesn’t need to involve the gym. Instead, there are diet and exercise plans for you to try out and see which one sticks. 

Your Fitness First

It may take some time to develop the right habits you want to keep up your newfound fitness passion, and there will be days where you struggle to maintain these habits, much preferring to sit on the sofa watching TV and overeating. However, with enough dedication and the focus on your goals, including rewarding yourself for the progress you’ve made, you’ll see the results you desire in no time.