Read about how self storage is something you should consider to make your Christmas even better, in lots of ways. 

Christmas is coming, which means that your house is likely to require a lot more space than in other months and seasons. People and purchases can take up a lot of space can’t they? That is why handy self storage from is definitely something you should consider during the holidays.

Moving Boxes

Here are 5 reasons cheap self storage can make your Christmas merrier this December:

  • Somewhere To Relocate The Clutter

If you need to declutter but you don’t have time to sort through everything and sell/ gift items you don’t want to throw away, cheap self storage is a great middle ground. You can choose a unit any size you need, and you don’t have to commit to keeping it for months on end. You can keep it over the holidays, until you have time to properly sort out your things, leaving you extra space in the home in the meantime. 

  • Spare Room Space

We often need the spare room at Christmas for relatives who have travelled to stay with us. The problem is that throughout the rest of the year, the space can be more of a place for everything that doesn’t have somewhere in the rest of the house IE camping gear, school projects, seasonal clothes or seasonal decorative items. To quickly get that spare room ready for relatives without cluttering elsewhere, Henfield Self Storage London is an excellent option. 

  • After-Christmas Space

After Christmas you have all that time before going back to work, where you can often be left with double what you had before. All your house decorations plus Christmas decorations, new gifts, loads of food tubs and tins – the house can feel quite claustrophobic. Why not use self storage to give yourself a bit of breathing space? Somewhere to place items you mean to sell that maybe got replaced with Christmas gifts. Somewhere to put the Christmas decks perhaps, without having to clog up the garage or wardrobe. 

  • A Hiding Space

No, not for you! At least we hope Christmas hasn’t gotten that stressful! A hiding space for your gifts though, could definitely make it easier to keep those surprises secret before Christmas comes along. Even better is that those gifts are probably safer than they will be in your home because cheap self storage facility owners know that customers expect their things to stay safe. CCTV, flood lighting, security guards, receptions, various lock points and gating are all extra security that the self storage unit is likely to have. 

  • A Business Space

If you run your business from home, you may find your house becomes a bit cluttered as you need the storage for both your business stock, and Christmas. For that reason, you may wish to lean on cheap self storage over the holidays to store your business stock, you can find out more here. This could even be a great long-term option to consider for your business as it grows, avoiding the hefty long-term contract costs associated with office and warehouse space. 

If you could use extra space that is secure, dry and easy to access to give your room more breathing space this Christmas it could be time to look into cheap self storage local to you.