Even though the weather isn’t as super as we might like, this doesn’t mean you can’t start thinking about how you’re going to spend your summer once the sun comes out to shine once again. Planning early means that you’ll be sufficiently prepared once the temperature gets warm enough to relax outside. 

And one place you’ll undoubtedly be spending a lot of time in is the backyard. You want this place to feel homey, cozy, comfortable, and a place where you can relax and enjoy the weather. If your lawn has been neglected, this isn’t as easy to do as you might like, so here are some ideas to start planning your summer backyard renovation now. 

Install Patio or Decking 

One way to immediately class up the backyard is by installing a decking or patio area that’s raised from the grass for you to overlook your garden kingdom. It gives your garden some massive appeal and gives the adults a chance to sit and relax while the kids run around below. 

You can purchase patio furniture such as chairs, deck chairs, or a sofa, and if there’s enough space, you can fit a barbecue there, too. Whether you want to install a wooden deck or go for something a little more durable with concrete, you’ll give yourself somewhere to relax and watch the sunset and also add tons of value to your home. 

Create a Barrier

Creating a barrier might sound like you’r4e trying to keep the neighbors out, but what it does is add a little personality to your backyard. You can look into a local Gabion Supply company and get creative, either with bricks, rocks, or soil to fill with seasonal flowers and plants that will help your backyard look like a rainforest than a suburban garden. 

Depending on the quality of the barrier, you can also increase seating opportunities, which is fantastic for throwing parties. It also clears up the overgrown mess at the back of the garden and replaces it with something that requires less maintenance while still managing to improve the overall look and style. 

Add Some Lights

If your garden is stuck behind tall trees and towering houses, you might feel like you don’t want to spend too much time there, even in the summer. The simple solution to this is adding lights around the perimeter, above the door frames, and anywhere else you can install or hang them from. 

The increased light in the backyard means you can hang out there for longer, even well after dark. You can install solar-powered lights up and down the garden path or next to the flower beds, while string LED lights are energy-efficient and easy to set up regardless of where you put them. This gives you an extra few hours every night to enjoy the temperate air and helps you relax in your backyard a little longer. 

Start a Mini Garden

Sure, you’ve already got a large(ish) garden, but setting up a mini garden gives you a place to experiment with different plants and flowers and even get a little creative if you want. This mini garden can be something for you, the kids, or the family as a whole and can provide some peace and you-time when life starts to get a little too overwhelming. 

Gardening is always something you can just dive into, but considering the current weather, you can ease yourself in by learning about different gardening techniques before getting started properly. You can think about growing herbs and spices, fruit, vegetables, or just growing something pretty to add a little color to the backyard. 

Update the Furniture and Decor

If you don’t have the time or to design, create, and grow, you can give your garden a quick facelift by repainting the furniture and fixings around your backyard and add some life back into your yard. 

This is simple enough that it shouldn’t take anything less than a weekend and it also saves you money investing in new furniture. To make it even better, think about how you can repair anything that’s seen better days to make your backyard somewhere that you’re happy to hang out in. You can purchase patio furniture such as chairs, deck chairs, or a sofa, patio umbrellas and if there’s enough space, you can fit a barbecue there, too.

A Place You Can Enjoy

From garden parties to family barbecues to games with your partner and kids, the backyard is an essential part of any summer enjoyment. Take a look outside and see what you can come up with and then start planning your backyard renovation now. This way, you won’t be disappointed come summer where all the best businesses are fully booked until next year, and you can collect all the materials you need to transform your backyard for the better.