Kratom refers to the leaves of the mitragyna speciosa tree, which have a big, oval look. They look sort of like mint leaves. The trees grow in Southeast Asia. Their leaves have been used medicinally for thousands of years, and Westerners have discovered just how powerful they are in recent decades. The kratom leaf is first dried, then powdered, and then sold in a couple of different forms, either capsules, powder, tablets, or as a liquid. If you buy it in powder form, you can make tea.

In this article we will list and discuss the impressive line of beneficial authentic Kratom effects that can be received from this magical plant.


When consumed in small amounts, kratom can be a powerful stimulant – without the jitters. While some stimulants boost energy by increasing heart rate, that is not how kratom works. People who consume kratom typically experience an almost immediate increase in their physical and mental energy, similar to the effects of drinking coffee or tea.


In contrast to the stimulatory effects previously discussed, Kratom actually works as a relaxant when consumed in large doses. The way this works is similar to a sedative or anxiety reducing drug. The effect of the herb gives the consumer a more relaxed mood, and can also help reduce any feelings of nervousness or anxiety. Feeling more relaxed allows you to remove stressful thoughts and improve your level of focus and concentration. 


Kratom is widely known for being a strong painkiller. This is primarily made possible through the alkaloids found in the plant, which bind at the m-opioid receptors in the human brain and spinal cord. This approach to pain relief is proven to be effective regardless of the type of pain, acute or chronic.

Mood Booster

Along the lines of its stimulating properties, Kratom also has the ability to boost your mood and cognitive function. When taken in small doses, some users report a more optimistic mindset, helping their ability to remove negative thoughts and frustrations. When consumed in larger doses, Kratom creates a feeling of euphoria. These effects come from the alkaloid mitragynine, a common antidepressant found in the plant’s leaves.

 Opiate Withdrawal

Another traditionally used function, consuming Kratom is an effective way to prevent Opiate withdrawal symptoms. Since Kratom also attaches itself to the receptors that respond to Opium, it masks the effects of withdrawal, which allows the person to function properly, and prevents any potentially harmful effects of withdrawal symptoms. Kratom can be used for reducing use of Opiates or for kicking the habit all together. Since Kratom is not addictive, stopping use of it does not cause withdrawal.

Promoting Overall Wellness

In terms of overall health and wellness, Kratom contains powerful antioxidants that can reduce cellular aging and help prevent some types of cancer. Kratom also has the natural ability to improve cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure. In addition, Kratom is helpful in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels by imitating the effects of insulin in the body. This incredible plant even has antiviral and antibacterial properties that help strengthen your immune system.

How To Get more out of kratom?

Millions of people around the world benefit from kratom, and they take it daily for pain relief, anxiety reduction, and peace of mind. Some people take it for more energy. Some take it for a better outlook on life, and some just have a pesky migraine problem that won’t abate without it.

But, how do you get more out of kratom powder? Are there ways to enhance its effectiveness and make it even more potent? What about making it easier to take and more delicious?

Have you ever heard of the word “potentiator”? “Potentiator” is related to the word “potential”. A potentiator can unleash more potential from kratom. It will help to activate the alkaloid mix inside the leaf at a faster rate and give a more significant effect. An example of a potentiator is magnesium or chamomile. Magnesium and chamomile and relaxing in their own right, but they also activate the kratom in a chemically significant way. They can also mask the unpleasant kratom taste.

Grapefruit juice for enhancing the effectiveness of kratom

Grapefruit juice and orange juice can mask the taste of kratom, but they do a lot more than that. Grapefruit juice will actually work to suppress the enzymes in kratom, which help it to remain in your system for a longer period of time. A lot of people mix it with grapefruit juice so they can take less kratom and avoid a tolerance. You can just pour the kratom powder in a cup and mix it with grapefruit juice. It’s a very easy way to consume kratom, and you get more out of it. You can also mix in some magnesium, which can help with kratom tolerance. Magnesium is a muscle relaxant and can work to calm you down, too.

Chamomile tea for getting more out of kratom

Chamomile tea can really help bring out the relaxing effects of kratom. Chamomile is a popular addition with the kratom community, because kratom is very often made into a tea. The combination of chamomile and kratom isn’t very tasty, so you might have to add a little honey and lemon for taste. All three of these will help you build up a tolerance, and really help you get the most out of the kratom, too.

Final Thoughts

While this list alone makes Kratom look like a wonderful natural drug, research is taking place now to reveal any other potential health benefits remaining, and it surely looks promising. In addition to all of the specific uses listed above, effects of Kratom can improve the overall health and wellness of any individual.