Many of us only like to purchase items from our favourite clothing brands, love staying up to date with trends and feel good after heading to the shops to buy something new, but unfortunately, these habits can be harmful to our environment. Thankfully, there are many ways individuals can ensure that they are more fashion-conscious this year. So, when it comes to fashion, how can you be more environmentally friendly? Find out below.

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Be more informed

In love with a certain brand but have no knowledge of how they make their clothes? Luckily, we have the access to a lot more information these days, which can tell us whether a company consider sustainability when it comes to making their items. Try to avoid the brands that don’t have any consideration for our planet.  

Take a reusable bag when you go shopping

It is no secret that single-use disposable plastic bags are extremely harmful to the environment. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, more than 380 billion sacks and plastic bags are consumed in the U.S. each year. Not only do they release toxic chemicals, they are hugely difficult to recycle and can often kill animals. Instead of contributing to these dangerous figures, opt for reusable shopper bags next time you hit the stores.

Buy second hand

These days, there are many ways to avoid “fast fashion” when we’re on the lookout for new clothes. Although many of us are guilty of loving a bargain or two – buying cheap and too often – “fast fashion” creates problematic levels of waste and contributes to water and air pollution, as well as greenhouse gases. Rather than searching online for a new bargain, head to your local charity shop instead. Not only will your purchases be going to a good cause, you will be promoting re-use – and helping to reduce landfill. 

Donate the clothes you don’t wear anymore

When you are on your way to the charity shop to pick up some items, don’t forget to bring any unwanted clothes with you, too. Donating to charity is a great way to encourage others to be sustainable, as they will be investing in your old pieces instead of buying something new.

Sign up for an initiative

Do you think you could wear only 33 items for 3 months? Then take on the challenge! Project 333 was created to prove that less is so much more – so it could be time to declutter your wardrobe. You’ll be forced to single out the most versatile, valuable pieces of clothing and from there, you’ll find joy in some of the items you haven’t worn for a while. The boundaries will force your values and help to promote creativity – it’s time to start thinking about what you can wear with what!