Every week there is a new product that hits the market promising weight loss in a jiffy.  There are many that fail to live up to the expectation. But there are a few that actually work and boost your health. One such nutritional powerhouse which is also a popular fruit is Garcinia Cambogia. This tropical fruit is being endorsed for weight loss and many other health benefits. Read below to find out more about this fruit and its health benefits. 

What is Garcinia Cambogia?

It is a fruit and originates from Southeast Asia, India and parts of Africa and is also called Garcinia gummi-gutta, Brindleberry or Malabar tamarind. Garcinia Cambogia is famous for its beneficial properties like weight loss, improves metabolism, energy and lowers bad cholesterol.  It looks like a pumpkin but is smaller and is light-green or yellow in color. There are as many as 300 species in its genus and this fruit grows on vines. Many parts of this fruit and its extracts are used to get different flavors.  

The Nutritional Profile of Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia has an active ingredient called Hydroxycitric acid, HCA which has attracted a lot of attention from health enthusiasts. HCA along with other organic compounds found in the extracts has a beneficial effect on the body. Other than HCA, the roots and bark of the fruit also contain Xanthones benzophenones.  The other parts of the plant contain many phenolic compounds, alkaloids, and flavanoids. The fruit also contains amino acids like arginine, glutamine, glycerine, proline, ornithine, lysine, etc.

How to use Garcinia Cambogia?

Though consuming fresh fruits is the best way, incorporate it into your diet, is quite a challenge. It is available in the global market in supplementary form and can be consumed in its raw form as well (if it is accessible). You need not be worried about Garcinia Cambogia side effects, as studies prove that this fruit extract hardly has any. However, some may experience effects such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. It is to be noted that these effects are common for anyone who undergoes lifestyle or dietary changes. 

The extracts of Garcinia Cambogia are widely available in the market, but make sure that the extract contains at least 50% HCA to get the maximum benefits. It helps in reducing appetite and subsequently weight loss. To reap maximum benefits it is recommended to consume it before a meal. The extract can be incorporated into a juice, smoothie or a glass of water. Apart from that, it should also contain potassium and magnesium salts for bioavailability and to prevent the degeneration of HCA to an inactive form. The extract has to be taken in small doses at a time. The dosage may vary depending on the HCA and salt content in the supplement. Hence, it is advised to consult a physician if you are in doubt. 

Health Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia has been traditionally used as a remedy for various health issues. Using it as a supplement followed by a healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet, and proper physical activity will help in achieving weight loss goals quickly. Along with the supplements make sure to include short runs or long walks to get the maximum benefits. Read on to find out the benefits of this wonder fruit.

Anti-diabetic Effects

The likelihood of overweight and obese people becoming diabetic is higher than others. Apart from aiding in weight loss, and improving the good fats in the body it also cuts the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. It reduces diabetes by increasing the sensitivity to insulin, regulating blood sugar levels and reducing inflammation. These factors along with a reduction in the bodyweight help reduce the chances of diabetes.

Boosts Metabolism 

By adding Garcinia Cambogia to your diet you not only lose weight but also boosts your metabolism. When the metabolism is good, it aids in giving you more energy which results in more calories burned. The HCA works on the body, helping to reduce the LDL cholesterol levels and balances the blood sugar levels. With a regulated glucose production which is the main fuel for the body, it helps maintain energy throughout the day. This, in turn, helps in increasing metabolism. 

Weight loss

Garcinia Combogia is globally famous for its weight loss properties. A clinical trial conducted on obese men showed that the use of Garcinia Cambogia as a supplement helped in reducing weight. It also resulted in a decrease in total fat, belly fat, and subcutaneous fat. Studies have also proven that the HCA component in the fruit helps in decreasing the BMI by about 5 to 6%. A clinical trial conducted on rodents shows that the fruit prevents the build-up of fat and also reduces body weight. So along with a healthy diet and exercise taking Garcinia Cambogia helps in weight loss. 

Reduces Fatigue

There are many enzymes in the body and among them, there are a few that slow down metabolism and make you feel less energetic. By regularly consuming Garcinia Cambogia this fatigue can be reduced. HCA present in the fruit increases the stamina and reduces fatigue motivating you to lead a healthier lifestyle. 

Reduces Craving

Garcinia cambogia is popular as it aids in weight loss. It also helps to boost metabolism and suppresses appetite. This is a boon for people who are trying to lose weight because giving up on snacks and other savories is not that easy.  When you take the extracts of these fruits, you no longer feel hungry and there is no temptation to eat snacks which promotes weight loss. 

Eliminates Stress

The HCA present in the extract can aid in regulating the cortisol which is a stress hormone in the body. When the stress hormones are regulated there is less anxiety and boosts the overall functioning of the organs. The supplement also reduces oxidative stress which has a direct effect on the stress hormones. 

Reduces Depression 

The organic compounds present in Garcinia Cambogia aids in producing serotonin in the body. This hormone is also called the pleasure hormone because it reduces stress levels. It helps in stabilizing the mood as the HCA acts on neurotransmitters. When the levels of stress are reduced, it contributes to treating depression. 


Garcinia Cambogia works for everyone of all ages and genders. But it is not recommended for pregnant and nursing women. The compounds of this fruit have so many beneficial properties that it not only aids in weight loss but also boosts the overall health of a person. Choose the right product which is made of high-quality to get the maximum benefits.