Been planning to check ‘Go on a surf trip’ off your bucket list this year? Already picked the best spot for your surfing adventure? So thrilled you already posted about it on social media? Great! But before you get all hyped up with your upcoming trip, do make sure you’re all good to go by doing some things first to prepare yourself and ensure you’ll have the best time of your life.

Preparing ahead of time is a game-changer. From shopping the best aqua shoes you can get to selecting the most stylish rash guard on-trend, preparing even with the smallest detail can make all the difference for your trip. Not only will all the prep get you even more excited, but you’ll also be guaranteed to have a safe and well-thought-out ride! Read on and get yourself acquainted with what to prepare before you head on to your travel.

Gear Up

Preparing all your surf gear essentials ahead of time is crucial when getting ready for your surfing trip, especially if the expected destination is as remote as it gets – with no surf shop for a quick stop. Your favourite surfboard should be the very first thing you pack together with one backup. If you’re a newbie and you don’t have a surfboard yet, you should start looking for beginner surfboards now! The rest (sunscreen, aqua shoes, fins, towels, wax, leashes, a wetsuit if necessary, rash guard, and repair kit) follows. These gears are all necessary to have a well-prepared surf trip.

Bring Some Friends to Tag Along

Consider bringing a few friends to tag along, especially if you are not that familiar with the area. Unless you already know a few people waiting in the said destination, all ready to guide you when you arrive, it’s never really wise to go and travel solo. Who knows? You might sprain an ankle or hit a toe on hard rock. It never hurts to have a buddy along with you who can assist even with the smallest mishap. A friend who can watch your back while having a good time in the ocean ensures your safety. Ask a few of them in advance to make sure who’s available when the trip comes. You can’t afford to have a friend bail on you the night before the trip only for you to travel alone the next day.

Put on Some Weight

You might not see the significance of having some extra pounds for your surf trip right away, but when the time comes that you need to face those giant waves you’ve been dreading, the extra pounds will help in surfing through those waves. Even if a strong offshore wind comes along with those waves, surfing into it won’t be one of your worries as long as you have the muscle mass from the extra pounds you gain weeks before your surf trip. Also, no need to worry about getting fat, as you’re likely going to shed those extra pounds with all the surfing you will be doing on your trip anyway so go ahead, eat all the carbs you can put your hands into.

Get Fit

Surfing requires a fit body so if you want to outperform yourself on catching all those gigantic waves, then start accomplishing a workout plan weeks before your trip. If you don’t have enough to do so, just start with the workout plan and intensify the routine.

And for an extra tip, do keep yourself hydrated and never forget to wear sunscreen. You are now probably counting the remaining days until you get into those currents so waste none of your time and start a thorough prep for that long-awaited trip right away.