If you spend quite a bit of your time cooking, you’re far from alone. In fact, recent studies show that 82% of American meals are prepared at home.

Whether you love to cook and try out new recipes or you think of cooking as a necessary evil, you may sometimes find yourself a little… bored. When you’re spending a lot of time doing one activity (cooking) in one room (the kitchen), things are bound to feel dull after a while.

Never fear, though. Here, we’re going to give you some fun cooking tips to keep your time in the kitchen as enjoyable as possible. Read on to learn how to spice up not only your favorite dishes but your cooking experience as a whole.

1. Try Out New Dishes and Recipes

In order to make your kitchen experience more fun, try cooking things that you’ve never attempted to make before, from ambrosia salad to onigiri. This will help you avoid monotony and that annoying feeling you get when you’re stuck in a rut. Call up your family members for advice if you can!

You can also try making different cuisines. Get some Tempura mix and a maki rolling mat out if you haven’t tried to make Japanese food before. Tamales are a simple make if you’ve never rolled corn husks before. And what about Indian curries? Turmeric, paneer, masala… mmm. It’s always fun to experiment with new flavors, so why not add some chilli oil to your pizza, or instead of olive oil in your salad? The options are endless, so have fun, and get experimenting.

Also, learning new cooking techniques may help you to cook more new recipes. It might be a great idea to cook together with your kids. I recommend trying kids’ cooking classes and starting from there. 

2. Put Fresh Spins on Old Favorites

Of course, not every meal can be a fun and fancy adventure. Sometimes you’ll need to make a frozen pizza or some refrigerated burgers. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, especially if you need rest after a long day.

Still, if you want to avoid monotony, there are ways you can spice these meals up. For example, there are tons of garnishes like bacon, scallions, and Panko bread crumbs that you can add to boxed mac and cheese! These garnishes give it a unique spin and keep your taste buds titillated.

3. Recruit a Loved One

One surefire way to have fun cooking is to recruit someone else to do it with you. If your kids are into the idea, ask them to help you with simple tasks like stirring sauce or grating cheese. (Note that if they don’t want to, forcing them can be another stressor for you since they’ll complain- it may not be the best idea, then.)

Cooking with a partner can be a lot of fun and romantic. It’s a great way to get your domestic bliss on when you’re both free. You also can call a friend and make a meal together before a girl’s night. Get creative and go wild.

4. Play Some Awesome Music

If you’re going to cook alone, turning up the tunes is crucial. You can play music that gets you in the mood for the food you’re making. For example, some Spanish music might be in order if you’re cooking your grandma’s favorite enchilada recipe.

You also can just play some fun pump-up music that puts you in a good mood. For example, if you can do a task while listening to one of Taylor Swift’s most amazing bops, it can’t possibly be classified as a ‘chore.’ Dance, sing, and stir, all at the same time!

5. Switch Up Your Space

Redecorating your kitchen is another awesome way to have fun while cooking. By doing this, you’ll get a fresh perspective on your room and an even fresher attitude about the dishes you’re creating,

Getting new kitchen lights is also a really fun way to spice things up. You can get them in various colors (mood lighting for different dishes, anyone?) You can also rearrange the location of the lighting to set a new mood while cooking. This change of pace will keep you on your toes and excited to spend time in the kitchen.

6. Have Fun With Presentation

Cooking in and of itself is art, but the presentation of the food also can be. You can experiment with arranging dishes in varying colors on the plate before serving. Sizes and textures can also create cool amalgamations, and let’s not forget about garnishes like parsley and drizzled sauces.

You can also have fun setting the table in new and interesting ways. Get some new dishes in different sizes, colors, and shapes and play around with them. Consider arranging them in geometric patterns or mirroring one side of the table with the other.

7. Keep a Positive Attitude

While it sounds like something an annoying teacher or parent may tell you, having a good attitude about a chore like cooking actually makes that chore more enjoyable. Your mood will improve and you’ll be in a better overall frame of mind.

Studies show that a positive attitude actually makes all the difference in whether a person finds an activity fun or irritating. In fact, researchers have found that forcing yourself to smile actually releases chemicals in the brain that make you happy in actuality.

More Fun Cooking Ideas

While many people view cooking as a chore, it can actually be a lot of fun. Make sure to try new things and keep your activities and kitchen space varied. You’ll never dread preparing a meal again.

Now that you know some fun cooking ideas to make your kitchen experiences more enjoyable, check out the ‘food’ tab on our home page. Here, you’ll get some awesome recipes and trends in cooking. Then, you can use these tips to make your cooking experience even more awesome.

Bon appetit!