You’ve done something you’ve always dreamed of – turned your side hustle into a real, fully-fledged business model. However, looking the part and scaling slowly to avoid growing pains aren’t don’t guarantee success. If your eCommerce platform isn’t hitting the right marks, then you won’t see the kind of sales and conversion figures that you imagined in the beginning. Not to be harsh, but your site needs tweaking.

Acceptance is the first step in a long process; however, there’s no need to make wholesale changes without understanding the problem. Otherwise, you run the risk of fixing features that didn’t need repairing. No, the key is to figure out why your eCommerce site isn’t working effectively and then fix the issues.

Although every scenario is different, there are generic aspects that impact lots of platforms. Are they a problem for you, too? There’s only one way to find out – by checking out the common eCommerce issues underneath.

Your Content Doesn’t Help The Buying Process

Selling products and services is your initial goal, but it isn’t the be-all and end-all regarding eCommerce. The great sites use their content, from blog posts to how-to videos, for two reasons. Firstly, it bulks up their traffic and increases the number of people who visit the site, boosting the chances of conversions. And, secondly, it gives them a reason to stay.

Often, visitors to eCommerce sites leave because they are bored and don’t get any value from the content on offer. Adding a blog should remedy the problem as it can do everything from showcasing your interesting backstory to entertaining readers with witty and funny posts. An excellent way to tell whether this will impact your sales is by gauging the bounce rate. People who leave quickly are less likely to convert, so a lower rate should be good for business.

ECommerce services say that 35% is the golden number. Anything above this is too high and needs bringing down a notch. After that, the lower the bounce rate, the better!

The Calls-To-Action Aren’t Powerful Enough

Lots of people don’t believe they can be encouraged or lured into a purchase through the use of the English language. Ask most consumers and they’ll say that they are too switched on to fall for such marketing tactics. Of course, the reality is different since calls-to-action are compelling when used correctly. What you need to focus on is finding the right ones that add value and give consumers a reason to click-through to the virtual checkout.

Typically, a common phrase, such as “call us now,” won’t be enough. There has to be something extra, which is why freebies always work well regarding CTAs. Netflix is a leader in this area, as is Amazon because they understand the value of giving a service away for free. After all, brands reap the rewards when interested parties get a test drive. With that in mind, you should consider offering a free trial for a limited period. Both Netflix and Amazon do this with their standard and Prime services that are free for 30 days and can be canceled at any time.

Your CTAs should keep the bigger picture in mind.

There’s Too Much Hassle

You’ve got to remember that modern-day consumers are entitled. They’ve grown up with the mantra “the customer is always right,” and they have no time for waiting around or listening to excuses. 21st-century customers know that there are hundreds of competitors that will give them what they want, which is why they have such high standards.

Therefore, the process of clicking through to the checkout page shouldn’t be too much hassle. If it is, the majority of visitors will bounce because they can’t be bothered figuring out how to find it. It might only be a couple of clicks to you, but to them, it’s annoying. For those who use Magento web development services, or another solution, you need to add easy-to-use links. By strategically placing them on pages where they can convert without any fuss, you’ll likely receive more conversions. A clickable button is all it takes as it removes the uncertainty from their mind.

They see it and click without thinking, giving them less time to contemplate their decision. And, if they do, plenty of consumers convince themselves it’s what they want anyway.

The Site Is Slow

One feature customers don’t put up with is a slow website. When loading speeds aren’t up to scratch, they’ll use a different platform so that they don’t have to waste their time. So, slow sites are significant obstacles that need swerving.

There are plenty of options on the table, but the best one is to analyze your host. If their upload speeds are down, there is nothing you can do to fix the issue. An alternative is to use analytic software to get an insight into the rates.

The good thing about analytics is that they provide solutions as well as analysis.

Existing Customers Are Ignored

New customers are often viewed as the Holy Grail as they keep the wheels of industry turning. Without people buying products or services, your eCommerce platform will fail. Sadly, existing customers are tarred with a brush; because they’ve bought something already, they won’t do it again. But, it’s not true when you look at the numbers.

If anything, it’s easier to get someone who’s purchased to do it again as they are invested. Therefore, it’s time to stop focusing on the newbies and realize the true worth of the people you have on your books already. Once you understand their value, it’s time to impress them so that they stay loyal, and you can do this by keeping your promises. Other ways include going the extra mile for the sake of their experience and surprising them. Sending a thank you card, for example, is a spontaneous gift that they will value.

You must make them feel valued, and exceeding expectations goes a long way to hitting your goals.

Do you think your eCommerce site sucks? Will any of the tips above resolve the issue?