Toothaches can come in many shapes and forms as well as intensities of pain, and there are various reasons why you could be in pain. At the end of the day, you need to seek professional advice from your dentist as soon as you feel any discomfort or pain, but below are some of the reasons that your teeth may be painful. 

Why Your Teeth May Hurt

There are many different reasons as to why you are experiencing pain in your teeth, and sometimes you can damage them without knowing it, such as grinding your teeth at night when you sleep. One of the most common reasons for toothache is tooth decay, but some people will also experience an abscess on their teeth, a damaged filling, a gum infection, or a fractured tooth. All of these conditions can have varying levels of pain, and if you have experienced a traumatic event to your mouth or teeth, you may need to search for Brisbane endodontics, for example, to find a specialist to treat your condition or find a dentist or hospital which offers maxillofacial surgery. The various symptoms that you may experience are a sharp pain, aching, a foul taste from discharge in your mouth, swelling and soreness to touch, a fever, or a headache. Depending on the problem, you may experience one or all these symptoms, but a professional dentist will know how to treat them.

Treating Your Toothache

The treatment that your dentist is going to offer is going to depend on what your problem is, for example, if you have a problem with an existing filling, replacing the dental filling may solve the problem. However, when you have a cracked tooth or similar problem, it may be a case that the tooth needs to be extracted if it is not possible to repair it. If you have an abscess or an infection, before your dentist can treat it, they must first get the infection under control which usually means a course of antibiotics. Once the infection has been controlled, then a suitable course of treatment can be chosen, such as a crown or cap, or removing the tooth that is causing the problem. 


Preventing Toothache From Occurring

Although there is not a lot you can do when you have an accident which damages your teeth, most issues that people have can be prevented, eliminating toothache. To try and keep the pain of toothache from affecting you, you will need to have a good standard of oral hygiene and see your Dentist in Yuma regularly to keep your teeth and smile in excellent condition. Brush your teeth after every meal, also rinse your mouth out with water after you eat, floss daily, and ensure that you clean your mouth and gums thoroughly. You will also want to eat a healthy diet and try to refrain from eating too much sugar and other foods which can damage your teeth.

Toothache can be excruciating, so it is worth your while taking excellent care of your teeth to try and prevent it from affecting you. Knowing what to do in a dental emergency will also come in handy.