Milk is a part of our daily life, from cereal in the morning to making homemade mac and cheese for dinner.  For me, milk isn’t just milk, and it isn’t all the same.  We carefully choose the foods we buy, and I am a huge fan of Organic Valley milk and their other dairy products.

I consider myself a label-reader, and like to know about the foods we eat.  There are so many great advantages to Organic Valley milk, starting with that it is organic. Organic Valley is an organic farmer-owned food cooperative, and they strive to be better for you, the animals, and the earth.  Their cows have a grain-free, grass-fed diet, so that their milk is richer in nutrients (like CLA and omega-3).  Since it is organic, you don’t have to worry about synthetic hormones or antibiotics.

Organic Valley grassfed milk

Another reason we are careful about what dairy products we choose, is the environmental impact.  Organic Valley keeps smaller herds than most, allowing them to take better care of their animals and reduce environmental impact, from less tractors to not using pesticides.  It is great when we find a product that isn’t just better for us, but better for the environment as well.

They also have a new line of ULTRA Milk!

Organic Valley Ultra™ is the world’s first organic, ultra-filtered milk. But what does that mean, exactly? It means that we start with pasture-raised, grass-fed organic milk, pasteurize it, and then gently filter it, reducing sugars, boosting the protein and calcium and making it perfect for the lactose-intolerant. That way, when it hits your table, it’s the milkiest milk on the planet.

We always keep Organic Valley milk stocked in the fridge, since we use it often.

Milk is just one of the many products from Organic Valley.  We go through a lot of their eggs in addition to milk, and it is nice to find a company that we really like and can trust.


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