Do you want your kids to bond more with their grandparents? Here are some tips to help encourage closeness between grandparents and grandchildren.

Grandparents are important role models for children. They help children learn new perspectives and how to respect the elderly. They teach them new skills that you might not know.

Creating a bond between grandparents and grandchildren isn’t always so easy. Things like distance and poor health often hinder the natural growth of the relationship. Many children grow up without knowing their grandparents, only seeing them once in a while during holidays.

The great thing is that it’s not too late! Keep reading to learn how to help your children start cultivating that special bond with their grandparents.

Make Time for Regular Visits

Whenever possible, make regular visits. Whether it’s bringing the children to the grandparents or vice versa, face-to-face contact is important. Even more so when the relationship is first starting.

Encourage them to share details of their lives with one other. Have your children participate in assisted living activities.

It all starts by making those first few visits.

Use Video Calls to Keep Up Communication

If distance is a factor for your family, there are other ways to get a similar face-to-face visit without traveling.

Make use of video phone call services to have the children and grandparents get that same vital interaction. Phone calls are nice, but going that extra mile to include video makes the call feel more personal and real.

Share a Hobby

Sharing a hobby is a great way to start building a relationship. It brings in excitement and a shared experience into the mix. It gives them a specific activity to associate with one another.

Sometimes choosing a brand new hobby for the grandparents and grandchildren is the way to go, so that they can learn the new hobby together.

Become Penpals

Getting mail is always a fun surprise no matter your age. A fun way to strengthen a bond is to become penpals.

Sometimes it’s hard for people to communicate in person but writing out what they want to say isn’t so bad. It doesn’t matter if it’s through email or snail mail. The act of writing and replying to each other makes communication get easier and easier.

Plus, it helps children practice their handwriting skills!

Get the Whole Family Involved

Children look up to you for guidance. If they see how close you are to their grandparents, then they’ll want that same bond in return.

Instead of encouraging only the children to become closer with their grandparents, get the whole family doing the same thing. Everyone benefits from closer ties to one another, so it’s a win-win situation!

The Bond Between Grandparents and Grandchildren Starts With a Little Effort

It takes effort from all sides for grandparents and grandchildren to start creating a close bond with each other. If the kids are younger, they’ll need your help to get started. If the kids are older, they’ll need your encouragement.

As long as everyone is willing to put in the time and energy it takes to build a relationship, it’ll happen naturally.

Use the tips above to help foster the relationship even more, and soon your children will feel as close to their grandparents as they do to you!

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