Did you know that one in seven Americans choose not to fill their prescriptions because it costs too much? That’s a horrifying statistic – your health should always come first. 

That’s where online pharmacies come in. These pharmacies offer several benefits over going to a brick-and-mortar store and can make medication much more accessible. 

Read on to learn why you should buy prescription drugs online.

Why Should I Buy Prescription Drugs on the Internet?

This isn’t the dark web! Online pharmacies exist to fulfill prescriptions that your doctor has written for you. Ordering prescriptions online is better than going to a physical pharmacy in several ways.


Going to a pharmacy can take a lot of time out of your day, especially if you have to wait for an uncommon medication to be filled. When you order from an online pharmacy, your medication comes straight to your door. 

Further, you can set up automatic refills so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to do so later. This leads to better health outcomes as you won’t have to ration and stretch your pills out.


Perhaps the primary reason to look at online pharmacies to fill your prescription is because of the lower prices that you access. Online pharmacies usually have lower costs, since there are no stores to maintain. Further, if they are based out of another state, they may charge less or no sales tax on your purchase!


In a related vein to the above point, online pharmacies offer a wider selection of prescription drugs for you to choose from. This means that you may get access to alternatives that aren’t available locally. It also means you have access to the best prices since there is more competition between manufacturers.

You can learn more about the benefits of buying prescription drugs online. 

What Medications Can You Buy Online?

Keep in mind that the import of drugs for personal use is technically illegal. However, the FDA has an internal policy that states that it will not object to personal imports in a few different cases: 

  • The drugs treat a serious or life-threatening medical condition that does not have an effective treatment available in the US
  • The drug does not represent an unreasonable risk
  • You verify that the drug is for your own personal use, and can back up the prescription with a doctor’s contact information or past medical records of treatment
  • You are not importing more than a three month supply
  • The drug is not commercialized or promoted within the US, and does not compete with another domestically available drug

Ideally, you’ll want to order from an online American pharmacy to avoid having your prescription seized. Look for the BeSafe RX symbol, which indicates FDA approved US-based pharmacies that operate online. Alternatively, you can check the pharmacy list for approved online pharmacies, which does include several foreign sites. 

Seven Medications Available Online

So long as you have a prescription, it can be filled online. Approved online pharmacies operate just like their brick-and-mortar counterparts, except the drugs are shipped to you instead. The following are just seven common examples of drugs that you can fill online. 

  1. Sildenafil 

Sildenafil, also commonly known as Viagra, is a medication that treats erectile dysfunction. It increases blood flow to the groin and penis, though it also has some use in treating high blood pressure. 

Viagra is usually prescribed in pill form and is taken orally. However, injections are sometimes also used. 

  1. Lofexidine

Lofexidine, or Lucemyra, is a drug that is used to treat the physical symptoms of opioid withdrawal. Unlike other opioid addiction treatments, lofexidine is not an opioid, and won’t eliminate those physical symptoms entirely, instead reducing them to a more manageable level. 

It is also sometimes used to treat high blood pressure. Lofexidine only comes in pill form and is taken orally. 

  1. Tobramycin  

Tobramycin is an all-purpose antibiotic that fights bacterial infections. It is prescribed usually in a puffer form but sometimes comes as injections or eye drops depending on the infection. 

  1. Celecoxib

Also known as Celebrex, celecoxib is a common anti-inflammatory drug that is used to treat a massive range of conditions. These include arthritis, painful menstruation, and just general pain. 

  1. Etodolac

Like celecoxib, etodolac is an anti-inflammatory drug. It is primarily used for the treatment of arthritis, though it is sometimes also prescribed to treat fevers associated with minor cold and illnesses. 

  1. Fortesta

Fortesta is the brand name of a testosterone medication. Used for hormone replacement therapy, it is applied to the skin in a gel, where it is then taken up by your body.

Testosterone treatment encourages healthy growth in men, including improved bone and muscle density and sexual desire. 

  1. Nitroglycerin

Nitroglycerin, sold under the name Gonitro, is used to treat heart pains and disease. Nitroglycerin can be bought in pill form, as a puffer, as ointments, and even as adhesive patches which you apply to your skin. 

Buy Prescription Drugs Online Today!

Now that you know some of choosing to buy prescription drugs online, and a few examples of which drugs are available, you can start searching for online pharmacies to fill your prescription! Remember, look for a verified provider. Ordering drugs from China or India means that you will receive drugs that may not be up to the health and safety standards of the US.

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