Many of us have a pretty negative view of work. We think it’s just something that we have to do, in order to survive and give ourselves the occasional luxury. But actually, this shouldn’t be considered the norm. People hold this view because work has been stripped of much of its meaning; it is difficult, after all, to really find value in what you’re doing if you’re just pushing buttons and paper all day. There are, however, the jobs that go against this narrative. These are the positions that score highly on the job satisfaction front. We take a look at a few below. 

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In the Creative Industries

You would feel pretty satisfied if you could make money from your passion. It’s just a shame that more people’s passion isn’t, say, selling insurance. Most people love to do something creative, be it writing, making music, drawing, or taking photographs. While it is difficult to break into such a competitive field, if you’re able to do it, then you’ll find that your satisfaction with your job increases. And especially so if you reach the upper echelons of your profession, where you’ll be flirting with celebrity status.

All Things Healthcare

Studies have shown that helping other people brings us joy. Even though the idea of, say, helping someone take their shopping up the stairs may not sound too exciting, it would have a positive impact on your confidence and happiness levels. And now imagine that instead of helping someone with their shopping, you were saving their life, every single day. This is what people in the healthcare industry do, and they’re understandably proud of their work. This career choice has another bonus, too: it’s an industry that will always be in demand. Indeed, nurse practitioner job openings are expected to grow significantly in the coming years. If you train now, you’ll find that you’ll have plenty of job opportunities once you’re qualified.

Teaching the Next Generation

It’s not every job where you get to train and mold the minds of tomorrow, but that’s just what teaching allows. It’s not hard to see why people in the profession often rank it highly when it comes to job satisfaction. You’re immersed in knowledge, you’re seeing people grow and develop, and you can make a real difference in a person’s life. There are multiple options, too — you can teach youngsters, teenagers, or adults, whichever you most connect with. 

On the Front Line

Just like the people who work in healthcare, the people on the front line typically report high job satisfaction. They’re also helping people in their moment of distress. Of all the front line services, it’s usually firefighters that report being the most content with their work.

The Person in Charge 

Finally, there’s understandably a lot of job satisfaction for business owners and CEOs. While their work isn’t always a walk in the park, but it can bring out their best qualities, and can also make a big, lasting, and positive difference to the world.