Planning for a drastic change in hairstyle? Can’t wait for your locks to grow longer? There’s a solution to these seemingly tricky situations: human hair wigs. 

As the name implies, human-hair wigs are made from real human hair. Unlike synthetic wigs, they are softer and more natural-looking. Because of the quality of the materials used to make them, they can be a bit more expensive than the ones made from synthetic materials. However, they are more versatile and more durable, and that’s why most stylists recommend them. 

With proper care, human-hair wigs can last for up to five years. How exactly can you make the most out of this investment? Here are some tips on how to properly care for human-hair wigs. 

  1. Choose the Right Kind

The first step in caring for human-hair wigs is choosing the best option that fits one’s lifestyle and desired look. Lace wigs are best for those who plan a really drastic change in their hairstyle. They come as a complete set of hair that can be placed and styled depending on the wearer.

For those looking to get more volume, opting for tape-in extensions can make one’s hairstyle look lush and full. They are placed in line with the natural hairline. Thus, they feel and look more natural.

  1. Wash the Wig Regularly 

Take this advice with caution. While washing wigs every day can do more harm than good, they still need to be cleaned regularly to remove dirt and product buildup.

Before washing, brush out the tangles from the wig if there are any. Place a few teaspoons of soap in lukewarm water.

Proceed with soaking the wig in soapy water for a few minutes. Avoid rubbing the product on the hair as it will only create tangles.  Repeat the same process using conditioner. Don’t forget to rinse the wig thoroughly.

  1. Use Cool Air to Dry

After washing the wig, make sure to dry it properly. Remove the excess water by patting down with a soft, clean towel. For optimal results, try using a blow dryer. Make sure to use the cool setting on the hair dryer; avoid combing through while the hair is still wet. 

  1. Style Properly

Use proper styling techniques to make sure that the wig looks good. For lace fronts, make sure to cut the excessive lace. Use a wide-tooth comb to remove knots from the hair strands, and carefully part the hair depending on your preference.

If possible, avoid using hot tools when styling. Should the need arise, use the tool’s lowest setting possible to prevent further damage. Top off the wig with a shine spray to lock in moisture.

  1. Invest in Quality Products

Getting human hair doesn’t come cheap. Naturally, maintaining it also comes with a price. Stay away from hair products that have harmful chemicals that can permanently damage the wig.

Choose products that are made especially for wigs. If there’s a chance, ask a stylist for product recommendations when it comes to wig maintenance. Don’t worry about the money invested in wig care as it’s devoted to keeping the wig in tip-top shape. 

  1. Store the Wig Properly

Get wig heads to keep lace fronts in shape when they’re not in use. Avoid exposing them directly to sunlight to avoid sun damage on the hair strands. Place the wig heads in a cool, dry place to make sure the wigs last longer. 

  1. Consult a Stylist

When in doubt, it’s best to leave things in the hands of a professional. Visit the nearest salon when planning for a drastic change in the wig, like cuts and colors. Do not attempt to cut the wig on your own as one mistake can result in permanent damage.

Dyeing wigs follows a process different from that of one’s natural hair, so it’s best to leave it to the experts. They can also help with the maintenance through different hair treatments that can keep the wig hair strong and smooth. 

Overall, getting human-hair wigs entails a certain level of responsibility. Practice caution, and research first before using a certain hair product in styling. Don’t forget to follow these tips to make sure that the wigs remain beautiful and luscious. 

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