Energy resources are scarce, and most of the electricity we use is generated on fuels. And if you watch the news, you might have seen that energy and fuel prices have increased in recent years.   And that’s the reason for high electricity prices. Before applying for any new electricity connection, comparing electricity market for lower prices is a good idea. You need to research a lot because if you applied for a wrong connection, you would have to pay higher cost of electricity for at least a year or 18 months, which is the least contract term offered by the electricity companies.

Once you have successfully applied for the connection and had it installed as well, now you need to work on the ideas on how to save the cost and reduce the electricity bill. Saving electricity to reduce the bill is something you can’t do alone. Being a mom of growing kids you need to teach your kids how to save energy. Because most of the time these are the kids who waste electricity. So here are some easy ideas that you can teach your kids which is saving a good amount of energy and hence you will be saving in the bills as well.

living room television

Put Off Light as You Leave Room

Kids are careless, and they don’t have the concept of saving. But you have to teach them how to save electricity. When your kids are grown enough that their hands can reach the switchboards, teach them to put off the lights as they leave the room. During the day time, ask them to either use natural light coming from the window or ask them to play outside. It will save a good amount of electricity, and you will be saving a good amount of money by reducing bills.

Put Off TV and PC When Not Using

Kids leave the TV and PC on even when they are not using it, and this habit may increase the electricity cost. Teach them how to use remote or how to shut down the PC properly before they leave the room. It will save some electricity costs for you, and the result will be obvious when you will see the electricity bill at the end of the month.

Check After They Use Microwave Oven or Refrigerator

Most of the time, kids forget to close the door of the refrigerator or microwave oven door open. This seems like a simple thing, but it can cost you a good amount of energy. If you leave the refrigerator door open, all the cooling will go away, and it will keep trying to keep things cold. And the same is the case with the microwave. So, as they leave the kitchen, it’s a better idea to check fridge, microwave oven, and even stove. And the same idea applies to iron when they end up ironing their clothes. These things consume high energy, and if left open, they can add some good amount in your energy bill.

Now you know how to teach your kids to reduce electricity costs. Hope it will help.