Read about the important things you should remember if you are planning a move to the beautiful country of Spain. 

If you are planning to add to the 300,000 plus British people currently living in Spain, there’s a lot to be excited about. The warm climate, the friendly culture and of course the beautiful scenery. However, moving house is known to be very stressful and when you add the factor of moving country to country, the challenges definitely increase by quite a bit. To help you keep everything on plan and running smoothly, here are 6 things you should remember to do if you are planning a move to Spain:

1. Tie Up Everything You Can This End

Whether it is gathering information from your child’s school, transferring medical information, or tying things up at the estate agents, the more you can do whilst you are still in the UK the better. It is much easier to visit offices or premises in person in the UK, than ringing around from Spain trying to get through to the right person. 

2. Triple Check Everything With Your International Removals Company

Triple check all the details of your international removals well in advance of anything getting picked up or dropped off. Even one minor detail being wrong can cause huge consequences when it comes to moving your things from A to B. 

3. Start Your Children Off Speaking Spanish

Children are much better at acclimatising to change than adults, but it still makes sense to help them as much as possible during the process. Start speaking Spanish in your house and let the children us language apps that help them learn Spanish. Adults should study Spanish online through an e-learning site like Lingoda, as this can help them be better teachers to their children. The more fun the process of learning Spanish is, the more likely your children are to embrace it.

The legalities of moving to Spain should be completely in-line, or planned, before the move. Check that any paperwork that needs submitting has been submitted, and ensure that you’ve all your finances in line, using advice from a financial advisor if needed. Without the legalities lined up, you could run into big trouble, fast. 

5. Pay A Visit To The Vets

If you are taking pets with you to Spain you must adhere to the laws relating to animals entering the country from the UK. Your vet can advise you on the latest legislation, and make sure your pet has all the right paperwork and innoculations to ensure it safe entry into Spain. 

6. Check-in With Your New Place In Spain

To avoid turning up without somewhere to live, it makes sense to check-in with your estate agents to ensure everything is as it should be with your new accommodation. Whether it is a delay in the purchase of a property, or a change in rental agreement, these issues can and do occur, causing a move to go disastrously wrong. Avoid having nowhere to stay, and nowhere for all your belongings to go and check-in with your new place in Spain several times before your move. 

By remembering to check the above details, as well as many more on your to-do list, your move to Spain will hopefully run smoothly. Do be vigilant and don’t be afraid to triple check details and ask questions. The result will hopefully be a move to Spain that goes really well, and eventually, an amazing new life for you and your family.