Road trips are great for bonding families together and having an epic time while doing it. Everyone’s in a small space, new experiences are around every corner, and drive far enough out into the wilderness and cell signal starts to cut out. Road trips are perfect for reconnecting with your family and growing together, and the best part? They can be done when your children are little, teens, or even adults. 

Bennington Monument

What Do You Need? 

All you need is a great RV rental, for example,, that comfortably fits everyone and gets you around in budget-friendly style (much cheaper than renting a hotel room every night), a stockpile of some supplies, and to go on any of these top road trips:

New England Road Trip 

Fall is a great time for road trips because of how festive the US gets for the season. First, there’s Halloween, and then New Years, and finally the lead up to Christmas. You then have the bright, beautiful colors of fall and coziness everywhere you turn. 

That’s why New England is a great section of this great country to have a road trip with your family. Everyone will be too busy taking in all the sights along the way, and there are so many fun hikes, festivals, and towns to explore in the area. 

Top Activities 

Fall in New England has some epic events. You can see: 

  • The Great Vermont Corn Maze 
  • Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm 
  • Sunday River Resort 
  • Damariscotta Pumpkinfest and Regatta 
  • Sleepy Hollow Jack O Lantern Blaze 

Top Routes 

There are so many great highways that will have you weave through the beautiful foliage of fall. You can see the ocean, the mountains, and charming towns along the way by taking: 

  • Rangeley Lakes Scenic Byway 
  • Shore of Dreams 
  • Acadia National Park Loop 
  • Route 100 

Top Sights 

There are a lot of great highlights in the area. You can see Acadia National Park, the Ivy League Universities, and some great cities and towns: 

  • Philadelphia
  • Boston 
  • Ipswich
  • Salem 

Colorado Road Trip 

Fall is a great time to get out there and explore the natural world. The weather might be cooler, but the scenery will just come alight in beauty. For an alternative destination that is full of beautiful views, head to Colorado. You will have four national parks to explore and enjoy the stunning season of fall. 

Top Activities 

When visiting Colorado, you absolute must visit the national parks that are situated close by. From mountain peaks to the otherworldly cavern of Black Canyon, there is no better nature fix than: 

  1. Rocky Mountains 
  2. Mesa Verde National Park 
  3. Great Sand Dunes National Park 
  4. Black Canyon 

Top Routes 

The best highway to take through Colorado is known as the Million Dollar Highway. It will take you through the beauty of the state and right past the San Juan Mountains. 

Road Trip Along the West Coast 

See that golden coast for yourself and head up the entire expanse for fun in the sun, national parks galore, and more family fun than you can handle, the West Coast is the place to be. 

Top Activities 

There are so many great cities to explore along the West Coast. The big-ticket numbers, of course, being Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego. San Diego, in particular, is great for families with young kids and has so many fun things to do including the infamous San Diego Zoo. 

Heading out of cities you have a great selection of national parks to choose from. The Rocky Mountains cut right through the area, meaning that you can head out and see deep forests and high peaks in just a few hours. 

Top Routes

There are many roads to take through the West Coast, so it will depend on whether you are more interested in the drive or the destination. Either way two of the best routes to take include the Pacific Coast Highway and the Blue Ridge Parkway. 

Top Sights

There are nine national parks that you can make a pit stop to on a grand road trip along the west coast, and if you are taking an RV, they are the perfect destination. See sequoia trees up close, or Yosemite for yourself. Your whole family will love the adventure, and your kids get all the fresh air and exercise they can handle! 

When you go on a road trip, you automatically get close with your travel buddies. As a family you can bond all over again, become closer than ever, and explore the world together. It’s a great way to get out there, get some exercise, and enjoy the beauty of your home.