Instagram is one of the most potent social media platforms to how new and present customers that you are beyond a faceless company. You can actually talk to your users and convert them into loyal customers. The features of this mobile app are very business-friendly, and you can always make positive impressions with Instagram posts and Stories.

The use of Instagram Live and Instagram Stories for your business 

In order to create positive first impressions for your business, you can give your followers a sneak peek into the behind the scene stories of your business. You can show your followers the people who are behind the products of your company and office. For instance, you can create a business video where your office employees are talking with each other and working. You can have a live Q&A session between your audience and you. Instagram live posts are an effective way for you to establish and build rapport with your Instagram followers. This improves the credibility of your brand and displays the human side of your business. If your consumer sees you frequently, they begin to trust you. They will not see you as a company only interested in taking their money.

If you are a new business, you can upload some images of your company and buy real Instagram likes from Like4Like. After some time, when your business profile looks decent and inviting, you can use Instagram Live and Instagram Stories to build credibility and trust for your business with success. 

Get into partnerships with influencers

When you are on social media, you will have regular viewers and social media influencers. The latter are like online celebrities that promote brands and products. You can enter into a partnership with a social media influencer to promote your products against a flat fee or a commission. They are generally glad to promote the brand and products of others to their network. In this way, you are able to expand your reach and connect with the qualified targeted audience.

Experts in Instagram marketing state that when you team up with a good social media influencer from your business niche, you are able to take the sales and brand visibility of your company to a whole new level. You will enjoy greater returns on investment and get access to demographics that you may not reach under normal circumstances. With the aid of a popular social media influencer, you are able to spread word-of-mouth about your products in the industry and get discovered faster. A good social media influencer generally will spread brand awareness of your business with a few simple posts. They generally have millions of followers online, and so you will get better lead conversion when you bank on them for your business on Instagram. You might want to check out some profiles of the most successful Instagram influencers to learn more about their niche. You’ll get the best results if your target audiences match.

Therefore, if you are still not using Instagram for your business, it is time for you to create a profile and start now. You will be able to connect with over 1 billion users and spread brand visibility faster than other social media platforms with your posts!