It’s that time again. Your brother’s birthday has rolled around, and you find yourself in today’s modern fast paced society where instant gratification of every whim is a reality. What possible gifts can we surprise our loved one with that he may actually like, and that you haven’t bought for him before? Well, hopefully this short list of ideas might give you what you need, or inspire you to think along similar lines and find some budget friendly gifts for brother that you’re desperate to find.



The great thing about watches, is that because smartphones have replaced many people’s need for the classic wristwatch, super smart, elegant and cool looking watches are available at extremely affordable prices. It’s also very difficult to go wrong here in terms of matching this little accessory with your brother’s wardrobe, as most if not all watches can suit virtually any casual or semi casual outfit. For a classier look and a great conversation starter, a chained pocket watch that can be engraved with a special message or date would also make a great option.

Whether you go for a polished wooden look, or rugged sports look, a watch can make for a fresh and appreciated gift that has the appearance of being worth a lot more than you probably spent on it.


This is probably one of the items on this list that will make you ruffle your brow, but hold on, let’s think here. Chances are that everyone eats Japanese style food from time to time, and if you haven’t, you don’t know what you’re missing. Elegant and stylized chopsticks may not be the first thing to pop into mind when it comes to gift selection, but the novelty, sleek design and personalization of having ones own chopsticks to whip out when the occasion calls could make for a better gift than you think. There is also the added advantage that chopsticks take up so little space in anyone’s home, that you won’t have to worry about burdening your brother with gifts that tend to “clutter”. Oh and best of all, lovely looking chopsticks can be found for VERY cheap prices.


Consumables are always a great option to consider when you want to avoid gifts that “clutter” as mentioned above. Gift certificates or money are great options for when all else fails, but if you can find tickets for some local event that may interest your brother, you’re in luck. Circus, talent or magic show in town? Those are great options. Even a day pass to a spa or sauna works quite well. This gift can be a bit more pricey than the other options on this list, so we may want to entertain the ticket idea only if budget permits. Giving the gift of memorable experiences however is sure to be money well spent.


No no no, we’re not talking about fancy glittering necklaces that you find in your snazzy jewelry store. We’re talking about pendants, gemstones, runes and other simple designs that you would find in a souvenir type shop. You can almost never go wrong with necklaces. They compliment almost any wardrobe, take up zero space, can be fantastically affordable and the chances you’ll buy something for yourself while shopping for one are very high. Amazon and other online stores are teeming with vendors who can sell you extremely budget friendly necklaces that are wonderful blends of beauty and simplicity, so don’t forget about this very safe option.

Kendama Toy

There is a chance that you may not know what a Kendama Toy is. If you aren’t familiar with it, fire up good ol’ google and check it out. At first sight, you are likely to scoff at this seemingly absurd gift idea. Make no mistake, a Kendama Toy can turn into someone’s best friend quite easily. Especially a bored someone. Kendama toys are extremely popular in Asia, and can not only improve hand eye coordination, but make for serious casual fun, even when lounging around watching tv. Don’t underestimate the “coolness” of this potential gift. If your brother doesn’t understand what it is upon receiving it either, don’t stress, everyone who has never “kendama’ed” has this initial reaction. But after a couple of shots, it’s suddenly a great gift.


Whatever it is you decide to get for your brother, just don’t forget the secret ingredient that makes all gifts right. Whether it’s one thing or the other, if you deliver the birthday boy’s treat with the love and care deserving of your sibling, he’ll be sure to appreciate you for your efforts. It is a mandatory rule that if anything on this list helped you out, then you must not forget to give your brother a hug to go along with his birthday gift! Happy hunting.