Does your child need an afterschool activity to bide their time? Aside from completing homework, you should consider hiring an after-school tutor to help your child learn a new skill set, such as the piano, advanced mathematical skills, or the ability to write above their grade level. Although you never want to push your child to learn more than what they’re willing, there are many reasons your child will benefit from learning a new skill, from daily enjoyment to improved social skills from a reputable after-school tutor.

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How to Find the Perfect After-School Tutor

Finding your child the perfect after-school tutor doesn’t have to be a complex process. You should first determine what kind of skill set your child is interested in learning, and then start your online search for a great tutor. However, when choosing one, make sure to keep your budget in mind, as well as the type of availability they should have. It’s also worth considering choosing a local tutor from your child’s school if you have a relatively small budget for after-school activities for your child. 

Daily Enjoyment

Your child will be able to experience everyday enjoyment from learning a new skill set with an after-school tutor. Even if your child doesn’t love learning as much as you’d prefer, being able to meet with a tutor every day to help them learn a new skill will leave them excited about their next lesson. “When a child is able to work one-on-one when learning something new, like how to play an instrument, for example, this direct attention can make all of the difference in how they view educational experiences. While classroom work may be unfulfilling for them during the day, this individualized approach after school will show them that there are types of learning that can be fun,” says Vincent Reina, a music teacher who offers after-school music lessons through Music To Your Home

Improves self-esteem

Having your child meet with a tutor regularly can also help with their self-esteem and personally motivate them when it comes to learning a new skill set. After all, learning something new isn’t the easiest thing to do, but having a tutor help them every step of the way can positively affect their mood and improve their self-esteem. Overall, tutoring is a great way to motivate your child to learn a new skill and help them reach their full academic potential, especially if your child is struggling a little bit in school.

Active Mindset

Learning a new skill set will be able to reward your child with a proactive mindset. Learning may seem boring to some, but practicing new skills will help keep your kid’s mind active, even when they’re out of school. Most kids are eager to grab their gaming controller after school, but with help from a tutor, they can learn easy songs to play on the piano or experiment with a microscope for biology. 

Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Hiring an after-school tutor will be able to teach your child how to develop necessary critical thinking skills, which will go hand-to-hand in everyday situations. These kinds of skills will aid your child in overcoming obstacles in their life, in and out of the classroom. Since not many school classes focus around developing critical thinking skills directly, having an after-school tutor teach your child these skills will be worth the time your child spends learning and the money you spend on a daily or weekly tutor. 

Improve Social Skills

After-school tutoring can help your child develop better social and communication skills. This will allow them to connect with their peers better inside and outside of school. Especially if your child has a hard time connecting with kids their age, you should consider how helpful a tutor can be for developing your child’s social learning skills. However, when your child isn’t with their tutor, you should focus on practicing social skills with them. As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. 

Expand Learning Capabilities

Your child has to continually work on expanding their learning capabilities, especially as they grow into adults. The best way for your child to work on learning new skill sets every year is to hire a local tutor. Although your child may be getting taught effective learning skills in school, an afternoon tutor can help expand on those skills to help your child perform even better. Unfortunately, not enough parents take advantage of what an after-school tutor can offer their children, and it can negatively impact their learning process. 

Help Identify Learning Difficulties

Enrolling your child in an after-school tutoring program can help identify any learning difficulties your child may be dealing with. Although not every student has a hard time processing the knowledge that their school gives them, occasionally, it can be an overload for certain children, in which a tutor can help. A professional tutor will be able to identify such problems and lay out a plan with you (the parent or guardian) to effectively help your child overcome their learning difficulty or obstacle. Down the road, you’ll be glad you chose to have your child meet with a tutor regularly, and see serious changes in their school grades. Not to mention, your child will be happier in school with less difficulty learning the subjects they’re covering. 

Improve Study Habits

Having your child meet with a local after-school tutor will vastly help improve their study habits. Unfortunately, students aren’t born with fantastic study habits, just like any skill, it takes time to grow and flourish. However, it’s going to be incredibly challenging for your child to expand their study habits on their own. By hiring a tutor, your child can learn new, impressive study skills that will positively impact their ability to handle schoolwork even better than before. Also out of school, study habits will affect your child’s life for long-term success. 


There are so many ways your child can benefit from learning a new skill set with an after-school tutor, from being able to improve their study habits to developing necessary critical thinking skills. Hopefully, with the help of this short guide, you can hire a reputable tutor for your child, so that they can begin picking up new skill sets this year. So, what are you waiting for? Start looking for a local, reputable after-school tutor today to help your child develop better skillsets for the end of the year.