Many people use a vacuum cleaner to clean their homes. They often go through the motions without much thought of what they are sucking into the vacuum cleaner. If you use a vacuum cleaner too, you may plug it in, switch it on, use it and take it right back to storage. You may rarely ever consider what will happen to all the things the cleaner picks off the ground. Does it die? Does it stay alive? Does it Rot? Could it get out after some time? What exactly gets swept up?

Carpet Care

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Vacuuming up bits and pieces of food may not seem like a big deal at first until a colony of ants decides to make it a food mine. Or move in permanently. Ants can live almost anywhere. Vacuum bags are not exempt, especially if the vacuum bag is left uncleaned or unchanged for long. 


If by any chance a cockroach is vacuumed, there is a high risk that it could raise an army of roaches inside a vacuum bag in a matter of months. Even if the roach died on its journey to the bag, the eggs are protected. They can live until hatching and find things to live on while in the vacuum bag. Take care while emptying or changing vacuum bags, as a bunch of roaches could suddenly come scurrying out. Consider replacing bags instead of reusing them. Buying a vacuum cleaner with a replaceable bag might be worth considering. Also, consider buying Sebo hoover bags and filters as spares when purchasing a Sebo vacuum cleaner. 


Many spiders live inside carpets, and it’s quite easy to suck them while cleaning. Sucking up spider eggs or pregnant females can be the beginning of a spider colony. They will find food in dust mites and ants and can begin to multiply rapidly. This is another reason why used vacuum bags should not be left unclean. These spiders may not harm anyone, but they can fill a home with cobwebs.


If a vacuum bag is damp, it’ll most likely grow mould if left unchanged or uncleaned long enough. Most people do not know that mould is a type of fungus. It is alive. And as with most things that live, it can multiply. This is one reason why users are widely discouraged from using the standard vacuum cleaner to clean liquids. If this is unavoidable, changing the vacuum bag after using it is highly recommended. The smell coming from the cleaning closet might not be from a wet mop.

Dust Mites 

Dust mites probably have the highest population of insects living in vacuum bags. They poop a lot and create most of the dust found around the home. Many people with dust allergies are reacting to the poop from dust mites. No matter how clean a home is, it’ll have some dust and dust mites. Cleaning the house often with a vacuum cleaner can help, but they usually stay alive after being sucked in. Changing out a vacuum bag early can reduce the chances of them multiplying.


The best way to keep a home clean is to empty vacuum bags after using it. Forget about waiting until they are full. Spares2you sell several types of vacuum cleaners with replaceable vacuum bags and spares for all kinds of vacuum cleaner maintenance.