Years ago, and especially since having kids, reading labels became a lot more important to me.  I wanted to know more about the foods I was purchasing, and I think it is so important to really understand your food.  I feel you should know things like ingredients, where it is sourced, and so on.  We are fans of Organic Valley, because their products have the features we look in when we shop for food.

Farming practices are something that I take seriously when we choose products.  “Natural” products have become popular, but you have to really think about how products are marketed.  Remember when “cage free” and “pasture raised” became a thing?  Well that doesn’t really mean much any more, because products are carefully marketed to give you the impression that the animals are living a good quality life.  In reality, just because there aren’t individual cages, chickens are still packed into a building or pasture with barely any room to move.

Organic Valley puts a lot of thought into their products and the care of their chickens, so their products are carefully labeled as USDA Organic, and Free to Forage™.  Their chickens truly do have access to a pasture, complete with sunshine and organic space to roam.  The chickens can seek shelter under trees or in barns, which is strikingly different than animals that spend their lives crammed in a dark warehouse.

These Organic Valley eggs are better for you too.  Healthier chickens with good nutrition means a healthier product. These chickens are given absolutely NO antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides or GMO anything.

We do a lot of cooking with eggs, and we keep Organic Valley eggs stocked in the fridge for our recipes.  One of our favorite egg recipes is quiche, and we rotate through what we put in our quiches, from spinach to mushrooms.  It is an easy recipe, with milk, eggs, cheese, and whatever you decide to add in.

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