After years of man-caves and special rooms for broing out — it’s time to she shed it up.

You’ve probably heard about she sheds but you might not know exactly what they are. If you’re looking for she shed ideas and trying to figure out how to build a she shed then you’re in the right place.

Using the best designs for your personality will allow you to create your own backyard oasis away from kids, husbands and any other distractions. Continue reading this article to get the inspiration you need for your very own she shed.

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Must-Know She Shed Ideas

The material you use for your she shed isn’t as important as how you design your she shed. Many people go for a vinyl barn but others want to do wooden barns and other structures. Your personal tastes will play a big part in the materials you should use for your new haven. Besides not wanting to be interrupted — you have a lot of supplies which you could have gotten by reading this oil paints review for the best oil paints to use.

What Is a She Shed

Before getting into the she shed tips, it’s important that you know what a she shed is. A she shed is your own peaceful retreat that doesn’t require you to leave your home.

These are shed studios, a woman cave — if you must. It’s whatever you want it to be from the place to avoid phone calls to your work/relaxation room.

Use these ideas to create the perfect she shed.

  1. Painter’s Paradise

Do you love to paint but you know everyone is going to be in your space if you try to do your work in the main house?

Painting is a very emotional practice and if you’re interrupted when you’re feeling the groove, it can take you off your game and ruin the entire painting. Besides not wanting to be interrupted — you have a lot of supplies.

Taking over an entire room with your paints, brushes, and easels might not be practical but having your own space will allow everyone to get what they want.

  1. Backyard Reading Nook

Trying to read a physical book, eBook or even listening to an audiobook without interruption is almost impossible if anyone thinks you’re available.

Having your own she shed with your favorite reading material will let everyone know you’re off-limits and you’re in your own zone.

Your new reading nook might have a comfortable couch near the window or even a loft where you go to enjoy your favorite reads. Create a bookshelf area where you can showcase your favorite and most beautiful books.

  1. Crafting Fun

Spreading your crafting supplies throughout the house is a recipe for disaster.

Where did that glue gun go? Oops. I guess it’s time for Jimmy to get a haircut anyway.

Avoiding glue gun disasters and keeping your tools out of reach isn’t as easy as it sounds when they’re in the main house. When you set up your crafting table in your outdoor space, you don’t have to worry about sticky fingers grabbing your latest creations and turning it into their own.

Organization is key when you’re crafting and having your own she shed will allow you to have a place for everything and everything in its place.

  1. Porch = She Shed

If you don’t have a large space to create your own she shed, try partitioning off a part of your porch. You can use curtains or room dividers to show where your she shed ends and begins to keep the menfolk out.

  1. Gardener’s Garage

Gardening is a lot of fun but it can be a little on the dirty side. Having a she shed dedicated to your love of gardening will allow you to have a place to keep all your gloves and other supplies for getting this dirty work done.

  1. Writing Setup

Having your own space where you’re able to sit down, write and not be bothered is a must whether you’re a full-time writer or if you’re writing for fun.

Be sure to set up your ergonomically-friendly writing space where there’s plenty of natural lighting. Don’t forget to set your desk where you have a great view for the best inspiration.

  1. Backyard Camping

If you want something more rustic — who needs plumbing?

Kidding about the plumbing but you can make your she shed look like a rustic cabin. Put a rocking chair on the porch and get ready to whittle or maybe just drink some of your favorite tea.

  1. Home Office

Having a home office might not sound great to some people but if you’re a small business owner, it sounds like paradise.

Being able to have your own space where no one is busting in on you while you’re getting work done is a luxury. Set up your desk, computer, printer, and other needed home office essentials and get ready to enjoy an interruption-free workday.

Looking for More Ideas to Help You Stay Sane as a Mom?

She sheds may be new and these she shed ideas may be beyond what you’ve seen in person but the need for a mom getaway isn’t new. Instead of having to go to the spa, you can go right outside to your she shed and enjoy as much peace and quiet as you’d like.

Now that you know how to create your she shed, why stop there? There’s plenty of other great things you can do to zen out. We’ve got articles to help you in many areas of mom life.

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