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We are soon back to school, and with it comes things like germs… and sometimes lice.  I have two girls with long hair, plus I have long hair myself, and the thought of lice is overwhelming.

Other parents have told me that they have used preventative products, and I was glad to find the line of Lice Shield products, which repel lice naturally.  We have had a bunch of lice scares and it is very stressful when there is an outbreak or you find out your daughter’s best friend has lice!  Lice Shield provides peace of mind when it comes to being proactive.

We use only natural products in our household, and Lice Shield uses natural essential oils in their products to repel lice.  The ingredients include citronella, rosemary, lemongrass, cedar and geraniol.  The products have a light, natural aroma.

The Lice Shield products have been proven to repel lice and resistant super lice in laboratory tests.  I can’t bear the thought of putting harsh chemicals on my kids, and these are the kinds of products that I can use regularly, and not have to worry.

Both of the Lice Shield products are easy to use, and simple to add to your routine, whether you are using it preventatively or after a lice scare:

The Lice Shield Shampoo & Conditioner is an easy product to substitute with your regular shampoo when you have had exposure to lice or have been treated for lice.

The Lice Shield Leave-in Spray is a convenient way to guard against lice.  My kids are on the swim team, and they take a shower after practice often more than they shower at home.  With the spray, I can count on having quick spray-in protection.

I highly recommend Lice Shield products, and I know we will be keeping them on hand in our household.

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