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I remember watching Gumby as a kid!  I love that NCircle is out with Gumby The 1980’s Series DVD, which takes me back to my childhood.  Now I can share Gumby with my kids and get a kick out of seeing it as well.

Welcome back Gumby and Pokey in this wild, wacky and inventive collection of 80’s episodes! Featuring 49 clay-animated episodes, fully re-mastered from their original camera rolls and soundtracks. Also making appearances are Prickle, Goo, the Blockheads, Professor Kapp, Dr. Zveegee, the Moon Boggles, and Gumby’s parents Gumbo and Gumba. New characters include Gumby’s sister Minga, Denali the Mastodon and Tilly the chicken!


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