We all know that it’s important to clean your home properly if you want to get rid of germs and bacteria that could make you and your family ill. A clean home is also a much nicer environment to be in, so it’s important that you’re cleaning it regularly. But how clean is your home really? Most of us like to think that we do a good job of cleaning the house but most people miss a lot of key areas every time without even realizing. These are the areas that you probably missed when you cleaned your home. 


Underneath Furniture 

Everybody knows that cleaning the carpets properly is important because they collect a lot of dust and dirt that will sit there and circulate around the home if it isn’t cleaned properly. But how often do you pull back the furniture and clean underneath it? Some people do but a lot of people don’t bother. The problem is, the dust and dirt collects underneath things just as it does elsewhere on the carpet so even though the visible areas are clean, you’ve still got the same problem if you don’t get underneath the furniture. It doesn’t get as dirty because you don’t have anybody walking over those areas of carpet, so you don’t need to do it every single time you clean. However, you should do it every few weeks or so if you really want clean carpets.

Inside The Dishwasher 

When you’re cleaning the kitchen, you’ll wipe down the surfaces, clean the stove, maybe do inside the oven when it needs it, and wash down the sink and draining board. But what about the dishwasher? People make the mistake of thinking that it cleans itself when it runs but over time, food and grime build up inside. That’s a big problem because it may mean that the plates you’re eating off aren’t actually that clean. When you clean the kitchen, you should always clean out the filters in the dishwasher and run a dishwasher cleaner through it every now and again. It’s best to use natural dishwasher cleaners made from citric acid (click to read more information about those) because you don’t want to be using harsh chemicals on things if you’re going to be eating from them. A dirty dishwasher means dirty plates and cups, and that’s never good news, so make sure that you include it in your kitchen cleaning routine. 

Remote Controls 

Remote controls are probably among the dirtiest items in your house. Everybody is holding them all of the time, sometimes after eating, and they rarely ever get cleaned in most households. That’s a really easy way to pass germs around the entire family, so it’s worth giving them a clean from time to time. If you take a q-tip or some cotton wool and get in between the buttons with an antibacterial cleaner, you should be able to get rid of all of those germs easily.


So few people pay proper attention to their windows. But these areas really can build up dirt quickly on both the inside and the outside. You can find all the information you could possibly need to know on window cleaning at https://activerain.com/. If you feel unable to reach high up outside windows, you could invest in specialist equipment or use the services of a professional window cleaner too!

Most people are missing these jobs when they clean, which isn’t good because they’re filled with germs and bacteria that could cause illness.