All natural hemp products are flooding our nation. More than likely you have discovered your local corner store or gas station selling CBD and it’s possible you have been considering the options CBD can bring to your daily life. If that’s true, you’re on the right track, however, did you know one of the many possibilities of partaking in hemp/CBD comes in a variety of products? One of these products, hemp, is magically transformed into is called CBD cream and here are some important facts every mom should consider when taking the step into a better lifestyle.

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The CBD Hype is Real

I realize you may be slightly wary of hemp products, however, there is no reason to be confused. The cannabis family of plants contains two cousins – the marijuana plant which the whole world already knows about, and the hemp plant. What’s the difference, and how is this plant even safe to take into my home, let alone consume?

You already know what made the marijuana plant popular. The psychoactive ingredient called tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the more abundant compound in the marijuana plant. While the makeup of these plants are almost the same, on some points, they couldn’t be more different. As mentioned before, marijuana contains high quantities of THC and low quantities of CBD. On the other hand, the hemp plant contains high quantities of CBD and low quantities of THC. In fact, once harvested into CBD oil, it contains less than 0.3% THC which is the legal limit in America.

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, boasts of a multiple array of features in which scientists and doctors alike have discovered to be beneficial for the human body. Once transformed into your favorite CBD product, like CBD Salve or Cream, it contains over 80+ cannabinoids and terpenes which have been proven to lead to a healthier you. 

This is one of the major benefits as to why so many people are incorporating these products into their lives. Not to mention, your body welcomes cannabidiol with it’s own endocannabinoid system and CB1 and CB2 receptors. This is the main reason people have such a positive experience with any type of CBD product that has been proven pure and lab tested. The hype is real and it is backed up by science. CBD is the new wave of popular alternative health options many people are leaning towards, and one of these options is CBD cream and I’ll tell you why.

Why Topical CBD is Great For Moms

Can you still enjoy the benefits of CBD through topical application? The answer to that question is, “Yes!”. The Miller-Keane Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, and Allied Health reports how your mucous membranes are openly ready to distribute the CBD to receptors all over the body. Granted, a regular dose one would take from CBD oil would be experienced differently than a topical application like a Fab cbd’s topical. This is what makes CBD cream so versatile from the other CBD products. Creams and salves will never enter the bloodstream such as a sublingual dose of CBD oil. Don’t worry, this isn’t a bad thing, it just means your body will experience a topical dose much differently.

#1 – Activate Your Endocannabinoid System

Further research has shown that using CBD cream is a great way to interact with the human body’s endocannabinoid system in a more pinpointed way. For instance, you can target the area on your body in question and the CBD cream will interact with the important CB receptors in that region under the skin. A mom on the go is usually in need of something that works quickly and efficiently which will allow them to get back to the task at hand. 

#2 – Have Better Looking Skin

The average American woman spends $8/day on facial creams which are relevant to beauty and skin care. That’s a lot of money when you add that up. Women of all ages are looking to have better, livelier skin and it is a rather large industry. However, CBD salves and creams are a great way to keep that youthful glow. 

One of the reasons this industry is so large is because of a certain problem called human sebocytes. These are cells which create sebum in the human body, especially on the face. You may know it as its more common name, acne. Scientists have found that human sebocytes are also linked to other gland and skin problems in the body as well. In fact a 2014 study was conducted to prove how CBD could reduce the secretion of sebum under the skin which eventually lead to less oily skin. The CBD industry is quickly becoming more popular in the world of beauty because famous stars are discovering that this product can reduce those problem areas and create that glow they are looking for. Recently, Allure magazine just completed an article which displayed their 17 best CBD skin care cream options which proves that not only is it working, but more and more people are using it successfully.

#3 – Have More Versatile Options

Cannabidiol interacts with the human body in a positive way. We have learned that this is great to target a specific area for healthier looking skin, and we activate specific CB receptors under the skin when we do that as well. However, other options for targeted have been known to relieve certain pain. 

Because of the pinpointed attack you can have with CBD cream it makes for a very useful household item. This study showed how CBD cream was helpful in reducing inflammation in rat models. Another study proved that CBD could be a useful option to reduce osteoarthritis problems. CBD cream is a versatile opportunity every mom must have in her purse.

In Conclusion

There are truly a lot of viable options when it comes to cannabidiol creams and salves and it’s just as well because a super mom needs all of the tools she can have in her arsenal throughout the day. We want something easy, effective, and proven to lead our family into another level of health and alternative wellness options and CBD cream is a great way to introduce that new wave of happiness.