A convertible dress, as its name suggests, can be easily worn in various styles. Akin to other dress, this has two parts, namely skirts and straps. It is the two straps that act as the principal feature and gives the dress the various options. The many ways to wear this outfit include knotted tank, halter bow, Grecian cross back, one-shoulder twist, full coverage, front neck twist, Grecian twist back, front interlock, and many more. For getting the best out of the outfit, irrespective of the style that one wears it, it is best in aligning the skirt’s seam to one’s natural waist. For best results, it is good to go with double-sided tape and for maximum coverage use enough of tape. 

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Tips to Buy the Best Convertible Dress 

While buying this dress, one needs to take into consideration a couple of factors for making the right choice. These factors include,

  • Fabric- Akin to buying other dresses, one needs to take into consideration the material quality. It is best to purchase fabrics of high quality from reputable stores. 
  • Color- Color is another vital factor that should be considered. Just as the length, the dress color rests on the wearer’s preferences. This also rests on the occasion which one is attending. In the case of a wedding, one should check the theme for ensuring that they are not the odd one.
  • Length- The length again is of utmost importance. The choice here will rest on one’s size. To keep away from appearing out of the part, invest quality time on research and get a dress that perfectly suits one’s size.

Making the Dress

Most good quality dresses come with a price. Here the coolest thing is one can cut down the cost via making that dress on their own. When they do so, it will give them the freedom to play around with style. In order to tailor a convertible dress, it is crucial to purchase the right material. It is equally vital to purchase a square material, especially for the skirt. For instance, if one needs a material that is 70″ wide, they need to buy one which is 70″ long.  

Should one possess the skills, they should tailor the convertible dress on their own or visit a professional tailor in case they have never made any dress earlier. While customizing the dress, one should consider the straps. Always ensure that the straps overlap at the center. Telling the size is rather difficult but to keep away from surprises, it is good to go for 5” overlap especially at the seam. In case of the waistband, it is a must to sew this into a ring. It needs to be sewed in a way so that this lands at the back of the straps. Place this under the arm, yet the strap must hide it. 

This is all about convertible dresses. While putting it on, wear the same in a style which accentuates the body shape.