When you are a mum, it can be difficult to find the right job that suits both your family commitments and you need to earn a living. Whereas a hundred years ago, women may have given up all forms of work and employment once they started a family, with their partners being the sole breadwinner, things have progressed and changed considerably. Not only does it now often require two salaries to run a household, but women now have their own careers that they want to pursue even after they have become a mum. However, being a mum with a job often means finding a career that allows you to earn a decent salary while also providing the flexibility that motherhood requires. No need to fret, with the wonders of the internet, it’s now possible to look for jobs that can be done at the comfort of your own home—like translation, CAD, transcription and web development. Given that there are plenty of options and methods to make money online, finding one that will suit you should be easy enough since some of the available options only require a working knowledge of computers and language skills. And the flexibility that these jobs offer is something to look forward to—with the need to commute eliminated from the equation, you can have more time for your family and yourself. Also, you can opt for the freelancing option rather than working for a company from home, this would even add more flexibility as you won’t have to adhere to a specific time frame of work anymore, you would just need to look out for your deadlines and voilà you can now get paid and be the mum you can be. Therefore, if you are looking for a job that suits both the needs of you, your family, and your purse then here are five flexible career options that could be suitable for everyone.

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Personal Training 

If you enjoy being active and want to help others then you should consider becoming a personal trainer. This career option allows you to work to your own schedule, as you will organise your own appointments with clients. People are more conscious about staying fit and healthy than ever before, so the personal training profession is an up and coming industry. One of the best things about this job role is that you have control over how much money you earn. The more hours that you put in the more money you can expect to make. However, it is important to remember that how good you are as a personal trainer will determine how much you can charge for your hourly rate. Therefore, you should be sure to get the best training around, such as these FitnessTraining Courses in Manchester where you can become a fully endorsed, REPs and CIMSPA accredited fitness/personal trainer. 


Many mums have developed a whole new career in the social media and blogging industry in recent years. Due to technological advancements such as the rise of the smartphone and the increased amount of time that we all spend on social media each day; the mummy blogger industry has skyrocketed. Therefore, if you enjoy writing and have a lot to say about your experiences of motherhood, you should consider starting your own blog. While it may not be the most profitable career choice at first, if you develop a following then you may find that you are approached by brands to participate in paid sponsorships with them. 


If you already find yourself at home taking care of your children most days, then you may wish to consider starting your own childcare business. You could either work in childcare for yourself, which means you have total flexibility over the hours you work and the money you earn, or you could work for a childminding company. Either way, you will need training for this role and will require a full DBS check to prove that you are safe to work around children. Once you have all the requirements then you should be good to go! 


Many mums that enjoy cooking and know their way around a kitchen often find themselves working in catering for a job. This may involve working for yourself or being employed being a catering company. If your children are young, then this job gives you the chance to cook from home while you are taking care of them. However, as your children get older you can use the time while they are at school to get your work done. Not only can a career in the catering industry be flexible around your commitments as a mum, but it can also be financially flexible. For example, the more events you cater for then the more money you can expect to earn. While you can advertise your services on social media, one of the best ways to get more catering jobs is through word of mouth. So, make sure your food is delicious and the jobs will follow!

Freelance Writer 

There are many companies and websites available that hire freelance writers to help them create the content they need for their businesses. This can be flexible around you as you only need to take on as much work as you can commit to. This is also a great way to earn money from home while your children are asleep. 

It can sometimes feel difficult to balance your work and personal life when you become a mum, but these career options provide you with the opportunity to have the best of both worlds.