A third of people spend a third of their lives in their sleep, and another third at work. The comfort of the workplace has a direct impact on productivity, and the beauty of the office environment has an impact on the opinions of customers and partners. Office furniture plays a significant role in this.

The choice of furniture largely depends on the overall design of the interior, and the interior, in turn, – on the image of the company. Insurance companies, accounting and legal offices, government agencies traditionally make out in the classical style. It emphasizes the solidity and thoroughness of the company. At the same time, in the offices of IT-corporations more appropriate modern solutions in such styles as high-tech or minimalism. However, in any case, it is important to maintain general harmony in colors and shapes.


Furniture for staff

It is better to exclude employees’ workplaces from the program, which is supposed to be shown to visitors, if possible, unless communication with clients is the main work of the company. This will help employees to concentrate on their tasks without distracting themselves from other people. 

Often, non-transparent chipboard partitions are used, which create the appearance of a tiny office for each employee. However, recent trends suggest transparent office partitions. If each employee works separately from the others, they will be an unfortunate option. But if the task requires close teamwork, a “transparent” office will be an acceptable solution. However, it should be kept in mind that there are rooms where partitions are more of a barrier. This applies to the offices of accountants, human resources managers and other specialists who often need to take documents from cabinets or for some other reason to leave the workplace. In this case, the fenced room will create additional obstacles and slow down the work.

How shall we furnish each employee’s workplace? There are so many things to consider when you check out options for your office.  First of all, so that it was coordinated with functions of this employee and the specificity of its work. If their main job is connected to the computer, then you will need a large quality table. It should reach the sufficient sizes that on it all components of the computer could take place conveniently. It is desirable that the system unit was in a separate compartment: it will protect it from accidental blows from feet or chairs. A keyboard shelf is a desirable, though not obligatory, element. The size of the worktop is important: the employee should be comfortable using the mouse. It is desirable to equip drawers or a pair of small shelves: here the specialist can store the necessary working literature, leave paper notes on the project, etc. 

Besides the table, chairs are also important. Office work is mostly seated, so employees usually have a professional tendency to certain diseases. Quality office chairs help to minimize the risk of developing the disease or to alleviate painful syndrome when available. Firstly, they should be able to adjust the height: each employee can then adjust the chair to his or her own parameters. Secondly, pay attention to the shape of the backrest. The cheapest chairs have a middle-height backrest concave in the center, and do not support the lower back, causing blunt pain in the middle of the day. To ensure that chronic back pain does not reduce the performance of the team, you should purchase office chairs with a high solid backrest. It is good if there is a thickening at the lower backrest level. This backrest will support the employee’s back and allow him to relax the muscles, which means that he will get tired less and work more productively. If employees have to be constantly approaching each other or the filing cabinets, make sure they have wheelchairs: this saves both time and effort.

In addition to desks and chairs, some employees need filing cabinets. They should be large enough to hold all the paper in order. You can find some here. On the open shelves you can store current and most used papers, and the archive records will be safely placed behind the doors.

Office kitchen furniture

The nutrition of employees is also a concern of the management. It is desirable to provide at least a separate corner where tea or coffee can be served. If you are able to organize a small kitchen for your employees, you can be sure they will appreciate it. Going to and from the kitchen will allow employees to take a break from work. In addition, it will help to keep the jobs in order and not to distract colleagues with the smell of food that someone eats right at the computer.


For large, reputable companies, reception is absolutely necessary. Its registration should be treated responsibly, because it is the first thing that your customers see. The administrator’s desk should be located in such a way that the person sitting behind it kept in view all the entrances to the hall and most of the room. The configuration of the table should be such that the administrator always has at hand a few phones and a computer. If papers are used, there should be storage compartments in the desk: the reception desk should always be kept in perfect order.

The reception desk must be designed in accordance with the corporate aesthetics. It is advisable to place the logo and the name of the company in a prominent place, to use characteristic colors and, of course, to maintain a common style. If the scope of the company’s activities allows, it is desirable to have a stand with thematic booklets.

Conference room

The meeting room should not be overloaded. The main thing in it is the table and chairs. They should be of high quality, comfortable, and there should be a lot of them to accommodate both negotiating teams and staff during the briefing. It is advisable to install a projector with a screen for presentations and presentations. You may also need a speaker’s platform if it is not customary for your company to make a report “from the ground up”.

A well-furnished office significantly increases the efficiency of employees, which means that the company’s business begins to go up the hill. Clients and partners will also have a better opinion of you when they see stylish, thoughtful interiors. After all, attention to detail is the hallmark of a reliable and successful person.