The primary concern while playing pickleball should always be about the equipment you are using. A piece of essential equipment when it comes to playing this game is the pickleball paddle.

Since there are so many choices and variations available when it comes to paddles including the graphite pickleball paddles, it is crucial to have a starting point which will help you to choose the equipment best suited to your gameplay.

The following section of this post lists a comprehensive detail that you need to keep in mind regarding pickleball paddles and equipment. It is good to do your research, and read a review of top pickleball paddles, before deciding on your final choice.

Why graphite paddles?

There are various choices available when it comes to pickleball paddles like aluminum and wood. But these days the graphite paddles are going off the rack like hot cakes. The main advantage of using graphite paddles are the durability and longevity of the material. The material is lightweight, therefore allows for better control and power during the serving and rallying involved with playing pickleball.


About the weight of the paddle

The advice of our experts is to go for a paddle that you can handle; which means a weight that you are most comfortable with. Heavier paddles might prove significant while generating power, but it might slow your reactions down, which will reduce precision. The idea is to strike a balance between power and precision. So, try out a few graphite paddles before making your choice.

About the grip

Next up is the grip for the paddle. Most paddles come equipped with grips for the prohibition of a slip-out of hand due to sweat. You need a find a gripped paddle that fits the size of your hand. Larger grips will hurt your wrists, arms, and shoulders. So, these should be avoided while practicing for long hours. Go for lighter and smaller grips, and once you get used to it, you can always add layers of additional gripping if you need.

About the shape

The standard shape for the pickleball paddles is the wide-body. However, there is no one-size-fits-all rule in place here, so it is essential that you try out a few paddles and judge the comfort level with each to make the right choice. You can go for the elongated pickleball paddle if you are a newbie and therefore low on confidence.

In summary

To sum it all up,

  • Go for a paddle that is light, durable, and provides a balance between power and precision.
  • Go for a perforated. Sweat absorbing and easy to use grip for the handle.
  • If you are going for the graphite paddle, make sure the core is honeycombed polymer.
  • Go for the interlocking neck guard, which enhances the durability of the paddle.

And, always keep in mind to use to cover to store your paddle when not in use to avoid contact with air and moisture.