Before you start to paint areas of your home you will first need to know which type of paint you should use, as there are plenty of options available. Below are some of the different kinds of paint that are available and a summary for their best use that you will find useful if you have never painted a home before.


Before you start to paint the walls of your home, you may need to consider whether you are going to need a primer at all. The primer has a similar consistency to paint and helps the paint to stick to the wall and adds durability as well as longevity. You only need a primer if you are painting something that is a significant change in colour. If the new coat is a similar shade, you may not need to use a primer.

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Water-Based Paint

With advancing technology, water-based paint is now available that is suitable for jobs that would traditionally use oil-based paint. There are advantages to using water-based paint such as it does not require treatment to the walls before painting, it will not grow mildew in damp conditions, easy to clean, quick drying, and has an elastic finish that does not crack and does not fade in sunlight. Most of the reliable painters Gold Coast has available will have a wide and varied selection of water-based paint when you hire them to paint your home.  

Oil-Based Paint

Oil-based paint is more toxic than water-based paint, but the resilient finish it offers means it is suitable for surfaces that may take a battering from the elements. Oil-based paint is highly durable and offers an attractive glossy finish. Oil-based paint is ideal for rooms with high-moisture such as kitchens and bathrooms, and the paint takes longer to dry, so any mistakes can be fixed while you paint, and has a smooth level finish. If you need more options with oil paints, check out this oil paints review for more information and recommendations.

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The Different Types Of Finish

As well as different types of paint there are also different finishes that you will need to decide upon before purchasing paint for your home. The different types of finishes are:

  • Matte: A matte finish has a velvety texture to it and is less reflective than other finishes. There are great depths of colour available, but it can sometimes be hard to clean this finish of paint.
  • Eggshell: With this type of finish there is some reflectivity to the coat of paint, and it offers improved durability, this finish is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Satin: As with eggshell there is slightly more reflectivity to this paint, but satin has a glossier finish than eggshell.
  • Semi-Gloss & Gloss: This is the most reflective of all paint, and it is ideal for doors, window frames, accent walls, kitchens and bathrooms. Highly durable and bold colours available, it is perfect for painting doors, skirting boards, and mouldings.

You can get plenty of more information on the different types of paint and the corresponding uses, but you can also call in your local expert painter who will be more than happy to paint your surfaces for you for a charge.


Image Source: Pexels