Yes, you can have a sleek and modern skirting board. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to buy a new one, which is both expensive and overpriced. Instead, you can opt for something unique and stay clear from the standard designs available in the market today.

Interior designing is all about having the eye for the details. This means when you have a traditional feeling interior, go for more detailed and periodic pieces. There are Edwardian, Georgian and Victorian profiles to choose from and you must coordinate the choice of the skirting board with your interior décor.

Now, let’s move on to the tips that will make your property look stylish.

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When to go modern?

No, just because you have a traditional setting at your place you cannot go for the period skirting boards. These traditional skirting boards are all for the high-ceilinged properties. Chances are if you are trying to decorate a modern-day property with the older style skirting board you will not have the ceiling height to work with.

The modern default day skirting boards are all of the 120-mm is dimensions. But if you are still looking to give your property that traditional feel you should go for 170-mm/7 inches skirting board.

Adding colour to the installation

Even a decade back, skirting boards were all plain white. It was the same for any architrave installation. But times have, and now you can move away from the flat whites.  Get inspired and try out a few colour combinations on the drawing board to come up with a shade that complements the overall design scheme of the room.

You can have the skirting board of the same colour as your walls. If you consider this design it will make your room look bigger for sure. Well, that is just one school of thought. You can go for contrasting colours as well. Light grey will add a dash of colour and remain neutral. You can even opt for brighter colours which are the ultra-modern trend and a sign of boldness.

Using complimentary designs

The first bit of information you need to know is that there are many designs available when it comes to skirting boards. Grooved profiled skirting boards are a rage in the contemporary list of models. Now you can have the seamless lines along the wall or the doors and windows.

You can even pick the same design in two different shades. This will make your property look genuinely unique, and you can give each room a different character. The option is pretty impressive and will inevitably reduce the boredom of the same design in the property.

These are a few ideas that you must consider before investing in skirting boards. Also, hire an expert service for the perfect designs and professional installation.