The idea of a tiny home is certainly appealing. Imagine having a place to call your own at a cost that is often much less than that of an apartment. One of the more difficult parts about adjusting to tiny home living, however, is paring down your stuff. But don’t worry! We gathered five awesome decor ideas to help you live small without sacrificing style.


Pump Up Your Pillows

Pillows are a must-have for a good night’s sleep. Why not make them look great, too? Envelope closure pillow cases keep those boring, blah pillows hidden and looking their very best. You’ll elevate the look of your bed to a whole new dimension, and you’ll love the comfort as well, since you won’t have to worry about your pillow slipping from its case overnight. That’s a win-win situation, something tiny house owners will really appreciate when they are choosing decorating pieces for their limited space.

Other benefits of envelope closure pillow cases include:

  • No pillows peeking out
  • Pillows won’t start sliding out the cases
  • Pillowcases don’t get twisted while you’re sleeping
  • Pillowcases don’t wrinkle as easily

Taking a Stand with a Beautiful Table

No home is complete without a table. That being said, trying to find somewhere to fit a table in a tiny home is no easy task. That’s why the INGATORP Drop-Leaf Table from IKEA may be the perfect solution for tiny home dwellers. You can utilize it as a small accent table, or add one or two leaves to make it big enough to use for a small dining, crafting, or office space. That type of flexibility in a tiny space is vital. You’ll love the small footprint of this piece, and its sleek, classic IKEA look, and the price makes it especially appealing for someone trying to outfit a tiny house on a budget.

Entryway Space Saver

The hall tree is a piece of furniture that can sometimes be overlooked, even in larger homes, but in the tiny home, it becomes a must-have space saver. Pottery Barn created the Andrew Hall Tree based on an antique design, but this piece is thoroughly modern when it comes to its functionality. It gives you space to hang your jackets, hats, and a place to store items you need to grab on the way out the door, but it also lends a touch of elegance to your entry area. Plus, it provides an extra seat, which can be very important when guests come to visit. In all, with this piece, you’re getting decor, storage, and a seat, making it a great buy for the price.

Light it Up

Even if you can’t find anywhere else to add some color and brightness to your tiny home, you can probably find space if you look up. A hanging light fixture could be the perfect way to bring some beauty and uniqueness to your space without losing any room that you could devote to other uses. This beautiful pendant light by Lite Source, available at Macy’s, is a great choice for modern tiny homes. Suspend it above the dining table, kitchen sink, or bathroom sink.