** Update – Riverside Maple Farms has closed since this was posted.

We recently had a week off for spring break, and when I saw that the kids could make their own maple cotton candy at Riverside Maple Farms in Glenville, we decided to head over!

Riverside Maple Farms, Glenville NY

It was easy to find Riverside Maple Farm, just off Route 5 / Amsterdam Ave in Glenville (Google Maps took us right there).

Riverside Maple Farms Glenville New York

There was plenty of parking and we headed inside to take a tour.

Riverside Maple Farms Glenville New York

There is a very nice gift shop with so many different maple items for sale.  Besides wanting them all for myself, these make great gifts, especially if you want to find a nice local gift item for an out-of-town gift recipient.

Riverside Maple Farms Glenville New York

We were able to start with either making our maple cotton candy or the tour, and not surprisingly, we started with the cotton candy.  We suited up in caps and gloves, and headed into a room where the machine was running.

Riverside Maple Farms Glenville New York

The kids were excited to pull out some huge pieces of maple cotton candy (and of course to keep and eat!).

Riverside Maple Farms Cotton Candy


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Next, we headed outside for our tour.  We got to see the newly installed solar panels that contribute power to the maple farm operations.

Riverside Maple Farms

We learned the process of gathering the maple syrup, from older processes to their modern version (which actually applies some suction to the lines).

Riverside Maple Farms Glenville

Inside, it was impressive to see how the 2% sugar raw maple syrup becomes “true” maple syrup!

Riverside Maple Farms Glenville

We also got to sample different grades of maple syrup, from light to dark.

Riverside Maple Farms Glenville

It was fun to learn about maple syrup, try samples, and make our own maple cotton candy.  We also got some maple items from the gift shop as well.

Riverside Maple Farms Glenville New York

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