Bounce houses are a common sight! You must have seen these at various outdoor events and children’s parties, and it is a hit with all ages. This attraction has bouncy walls composed of inflatable material, and there are many shapes and size.

It is possible for some not to recognize the hazards of a bounce house. There have been several bounce houses injuries that have taken place in the past. Over 90% of these injuries and mishaps happened in due to some negligence. It is essential to keep everyone safe.

Bounce bouncy house

1. Make sure to anchor the inflatable house well

A few of the dangerous bounce house mishaps happened from the device falling over because of faulty anchorage. It is essential that you adhere to the instructions of the bounce house supplier as you stabilize the structure.

Make sure that the bounce house gets installed at a safe distance from fences, trees and other various objects that might pose some danger. If the weather is terrible, refrain from developing the bounce house. When it is extremely windy or there is heavy storms, the bounce house can get swept away. You can purchase replacement or additional bounce house anchors as needed.

2. Abide by the weight and size restrictions

Today, the majority of the bounce houses have specific limits on the kid’s weight and size. The total count of users also matters. You have to abide by these limitations to ensure maximum safety. Don’t let children or adults who are over the stipulated weight to be a part of the bounce house. Also, supervise all children, especially those who are very small.

3. Set your bounce house rules

Every game should have its rules to ensure safety! You can place a sign, stating all the rules right at the bounce house entrance. And these rules can include wearing no shoes when inside the bounce house, carrying no drinks, food or toys inside and the like. Also, make sure to check children’s dress pockets for safety pins and other sharp objects that might puncture the inflatable castle. Children should never push other kids against the walls. Also, prevent the children from climbing the external bounce house walls. It might just turn over, causing others harm.

4. Make sure to supervise your children always

Most children get hurt in their legs and arms because of bounce house injuries. Usually, the injuries take place when one kid tries to overpower the other physically. Hence, it is essential for you to appoint a supervisor who will keep a careful watch on the kids. The supervisor should ensure that the kids are following the bounce house rules and that they don’t go out of control. Sometimes, children act rowdy. It’s the supervisor’s job to address that and ensure no one hurts the other.

Follow the guidelines mentioned above to keep your kids safe inside a bounce house. It will allow your children to play without getting injured.