You will agree to it; the swimming pool enclosure has become a necessity rather than it being a status symbol. There are various reasons to enclose the swimming pool in your backyard. A few of them are protecting the kids and pets from wandering into the pool-water unmonitored, keeping the pool-water clean from all types of debris and natural elements or merely having an enclosed place to dip yourself.

Be it any of the reasons, swimming pool enclosures have become a necessity. Covering your pool gives you a sense of security and adds to the elegance and look of your pool too.

Types of Enclosures

There are a variety of Swimming Pool Enclosures and Pool Covers available on the market (or I must say with the companies that design the enclosures). These ranges from as simple as the opaque or semi-transparent providing peaceful lighting on the pool area to fully transparent ones that allow full daylight availability.

However, the essential feature that you need to target is how big (the height of enclosure from the water surface) it should be as per your preference.

Pool Floats Water Summer

There are three types to be considered here, which are small, moderate and full-size. The small ones will be standing only a few feet above the water level in the pool, whereas moderate size will allow you to hold the upright posture comfortably in it.

On the contrary, the full-size likely covers your pool and converts the pool, on the significant part, to be like an indoor pool.

Whatever your need or the preference is, the most critical factor is the swimming pool enclosure cost that you need to deal with.

Pool enclosures are also known as Pool Cages, and they can be fixed or retractable too providing you with the chance to uncover your pool as and when needed. Based on your needs and choice of the pool-cage material the pool cage cost will depend.

The determining factors for a swimming pool enclosure cost are-

  1.  The area to be covered
  2.  Your pool’s size
  3.  Natural stress-bearing capacity
  4.  Fixed or retractable enclosure
  5.  Enclosure material of your choice
  6.  Design of the enclosure

The area to be covered

The area of the pool is your choice on how much part of the pool you wish to get included. Although it is wise to get the entire pool covered as the primary need for the enclosure is to secure the pool from the external elements. The area of the pool you wish to cover plays an important role in deciding your new pool enclosure cost.

Your pool’s size

It is also a deciding factor for the total cost of your pool enclosure. It is no brainer, bigger the size of the pool is the costly its enclosure will be. However, an average household has an average sized pool in their backyard unless you are too rich and have the Olympic sized pool. Your pool size is yet another factor deciding swimming pool cage cost.

Natural stress-bearing capacity

If you are living in a particularly windy or snowy region, it could be the next deciding factor of cost of swimming pool enclosure. Depending on your climate the strength of enclosure material must be selected. If you place has heavy snowfall or have heavy winds during a particular season you need to opt for the sturdy stuff of the pool enclosure that can withstand all of it. Again getting the pool enclosure tougher will drastically increase the swimming pool enclosure prices.  

Fixed or retractable enclosure

Another thing to be considered, on which the cost of the swimming pool enclosure will depend, is whether you need fixed or the retractable type of it. Although, retractable enclosures are pretty user-friendly and provide the convenience of covering/uncovering your pool efficiently those are also considerably costly. So, if you do not wish to reveal your pool frequently, you should go with the fixed type as it will help you lower the overall retractable pool enclosures cost.

Enclosure material of your choice

The cost of your swimming pool enclosure is also governed by the material you choose for it. The available material varies from super-sturdy withstanding almost every type of rough environment thrown at it to the averagely strengthened ones. Hence, if you live mainly in such a region where you have a harsh climate, you will need to shell out a hefty amount adding to the overall swimming pool enclosure prices.

Design of the enclosure

Having an attractive and eye-catching design for the pool enclosure is a good thing. It ultimately adds to the centralized look of your property. However, getting an attractively designed enclosure again increases the cost, and you have to pay extra for it. But since people need all the features covered one should find the right balance between all the factors listed governing the final swimming pool cage cost.

Typically, the average costing per square foot is $75-$80 for the swimming pool enclosures, and it can be anywhere between 45K to a million for an averagely sized pool in its entirety.

As discussed earlier, the total cost for your new swimming pool enclosure will be governed, majorly, by the factors listed above. You may want to find the right balance between all these so that the final cost suits your budget for getting swimming pool enclosures prices. After all, it is not a daily affair to get the enclosure built for your pool and hence, you will want to spend a little extra to get the best fit pool cage.

For actual costs, you must consult an experienced local company that has excellent track record designing/building the pool cages. It is where you will get good suggestions for it and be sure to get the final quote including the swimming pool enclosure installation. Ultimately, the pool enclosure will safeguard your pool, kids, and pets and prevent the unwanted entry in it by trespassers.