It’s a wonderful day to get started playing ukulele. If you’re unable to take lessons in school or a local music studio, don’t worry because you can still learn to play the uke. The internet offers plenty of fantastic resources to help beginners like you learn to play this instrument in no time at all

If you’re starting out your ukulele journey online, here are some strategies and tips to help you maximize all the internet resources available to you. If you don’t have a ukulele yet, you can start shopping by checking out the best concert ukuleles here.

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Sign up for free courses

There are plenty of websites offering ukulele lessons. With these sites, usually the basic courses are offered for free while the advanced lessons require a small fee. Simply do a search for “free ukulele lessons” and you will be given a myriad of options. Check out the different sites to see which ones offer the best free courses or beginner packages.

Beginner ukulele courses include a combination of text and video lessons. It would be worthwhile to check them out so you can see which format or style you like best, or which one you find easiest to understand. As you progress, these sites will offer you advanced lessons that come with a fee. You are not obligated to sign up for those, but they are helpful if you really want to take your ukulele playing to the next level.

Some ukulele sites offer lessons that are completely free and only ask for a donation to keep them going. It’s also good to check out these sites and support them.

Watch YouTube videos

Another great resource for instructional videos is YouTube. If you only have a few minutes a day to practice, you can check out YouTube videos featuring basic ukulele chords, strumming patterns, easy beginner songs and other ukulele lessons. Many ukulele teachers post short videos on their channels and link to their sites so you can sign up for more in-depth lessons should you wish to.

Other YouTubers who have ukulele lessons on their channel may also have a Patreon page or personal website where you can provide them with financial support. For them to be able to keep posting videos on how to play ukulele, it would be great if those who have benefited from the videos give a little something in return!

Download and install ukulele apps

There’s an app for nearly everything, and fortunately that includes learning to play ukulele. What’s great about apps is that many of them can be used even when you’re offline. Check out the various ukulele software or apps that are compatible with your desktop/laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android tablet or smartphone and see which ones you like best considering their features, rating and cost.

Those are some of the best things you can do to learn ukulele online. It’s worth mentioning that if you can also get private or group instruction, we encourage you to do so because having a teacher around can help you improve your skills significantly. An instructor would be able to help identify the aspects of your playing that you need to improve on. If there are some lessons or technical skills you’re having trouble with, a ukulele teacher can help you out with them as well. For now, have fun learning to play ukulele online!