If your best friend is soon to be a first-time mum, this is a special time in her life, and a great opportunity to show your love by planning a surprise baby shower. We all love surprises, especially when celebrating the birth of a child, and with that in mind, here are some tips on how best to spring a surprise baby shower.

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  • Create your Guest List – This is the first step, and with the help of a few of her friends, you can put together a list that includes family and friends. The number of people attending will largely determine the venue, and armed with this information, you can begin to search for suitable venues. The home of one of her friends is always a favourite, which also keeps costs to a minimum. If you are looking for suitable gifts, check out the wide range of gifts for baby at https://babygiftbox.com.au/, who are Australia’s leading online baby gift retailer. You could always send the URL to all the guests, that way suitable gifts are assured, and if everyone chooses something different, she will have a great supply of everything she needs.
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  • Choosing the Date and Time – Once you have the guest list and a venue, you need to decide on a date and time. There are practical issues to consider – having the baby shower a month before the baby is due will ensure that mum has everything she needs – and if you prefer to leave it until after the birth, give her a couple of weeks to decompress. Pregnancy and childbirth are very tiring for the mother, and she will appreciate the time to rest. There is a baby shower party checklist online, which will probably be very helpful so make sure to check it out.
  • Baby Shower Gifts – The best way to arrange this is to create a list and send it to each guest, asking them to select something from the list and then notify you. This will ensure that mum doesn’t end up with tons of clothing, but no bath time stuff, and with an online baby gift supplier, you have a wide range of quality products at affordable prices. You need to circulate the list at least one month prior to the event, which gives everyone time to select a suitable gift.
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  • Involve Her Partner – This is the best way to ensure that she doesn’t find out, and her man can help you with the preparations, while giving you an insight into how things are going. This will also give him something productive to do, which will take his mind off the birth. Some fathers can become very anxious as the birth date nears, and if he is tasked with helping you, this will really help.

People take surprises differently, and if you think she might not be over the moon, perhaps it is best to ask her partner to casually mention it on the morning of the party, at least she will have some notice and it will still be a nice surprise. Don’t forget to get funny t-shirts made (click here if you need a website to do so), and hire a photographer, who can compile an album of images that mum can cherish for many years to come. Baby will be able to take a look when he’s older, which is kind of nice.