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We have two guinea pigs in our household, and one of the rules I made when the kids were going to get a guinea pig was that they were going to have to keep up with keeping the guinea pig cages clean. If you let the guinea pig cages get dirty, the kids rooms will start to smell pretty quickly. I always keep a good supply of animal bedding on hand. I didn’t know that Oxbow made an animal bedding, but we do purchase a lot of other Oxbow brand products (like hay and pellets), so were interested to give this Oxbow Pure Comfort Small Animal Bedding a try. We ordered from Chewy.com and the bedding arrived quickly.

This product comes in both 21L and 42L sizes. The bedding is compressed and expands once you take it out of the packaging.

Oxbow Pure Comfort Natural Small Animal Bedding is a clean, ultra-soft bedding material that absorbs up to 800 percent of its weight in moisture, resulting in exceptional odor control and easy cleanup. It is made of 100 percent pure, never-printed paper, making it an ultra-soft, dust-free bedding choice. Just place 1-3 inches of the bedding on the floor of your pet’s habitat and check daily for soiled areas. Remove and replace entire layer of bedding at least once a week or more as needed.   (Chewy.com)

You have to be careful about what bedding you use for guinea pigs, as wood bedding can have oils in it that can irritate their respiratory system. We also try to make sure bedding isn’t dusty, especially since one of our guinea pigs has had some respiratory issues. I don’t have to worry about either of these issues with this bedding.

This bedding has a very soft and papery feel to it. It is both absorbent an comfortable for our guinea pigs.

Oxbow Small Animal Bedding is the perfect staple for your small pets. It’s nice to have this stocked up for cage changes, so that we keep the cage clean and smelling fresh.

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