As a busy mom, you have plenty to do in a day, whether it’s taking the kids to school, picking them up from soccer practice, or getting them all to bed clean, fed and happy. After catering to everyone else in the family, it’s important for you to get your own space to relax and unwind, and a beautiful bathroom oasis is a perfect spot where you can soak in a luxury bath to find that peace and serenity. When you’re looking to make improvements to your current bathroom, imagine indulging in your own tranquil retreat, consider some of these possibilities for a wonderful new space in your home.

Bath tub

Add a Little Fresh Paint for Modern Pizazz

If you’re used to a bright and obnoxious space in your bathroom, it’s time to create a more peaceful atmosphere. Using cooler or neutral colors from the color wheel such as blue, light purple, sea green, gray or the classic black and white can do wonders to tone down the entire space and make it a more inviting, serene setting for rejuvenation. Any bathroom remodel Columbus that involves creating a busy-mom-worthy oasis should include such details to create a subtle ambiance that’s not harsh or too bright.

Update Fixtures for Less Hassle

The perfect bathroom retreat is hardly perfect if every time you go inside, something needs to be fixed or replaced. Do away with future repairs, and make the choice to have new upgrades to your fixtures installed by a professional. Changing your faucets, lighting options, towel racks and more can improve the overall look and function of your bathroom space while also preventing headaches down the road.

Don’t let your hectic lifestyle as a busy mom take away the finer things in life. Reward yourself for your all of your hard work by creating a master bathroom oasis that’s modern, fresh, appealing and endlessly relaxing. Hire a professional you can trust and one that will help bring your dream bathroom to life.