Whether you just bought a house, put a down payment on a new apartment or condo, or your work relocated you to a different region of the country, chances are your wallet is hurting right about now. Unfortunately, you’re not done coughing up some dough. You still have to pay for moving supplies, a moving company, transportation costs, possibly a hotel, meals, and a host of other goods and services. That said, while you cannot eliminate expenses entirely, you can keep them down. These five moving hacks will help you do just that.

Moving Boxes

Move on a Random Weekday

If you plan on hiring professional movers (which you should, as though the upfront fee may be costly, you can end up saving in the long run on trips back and forth, missed work, meals for all your help, etc.), try to move on a random day of the week. Even the best moving company in NYC charges lower rates for mid-week moves. Help yourself out even more and try to move mid-month. Movers are most busy at the beginning and end of the month and therefore, charge higher rates during those times.

Hire a Moving Company

Always go after a moving company, which provides better services and is under your budget. Research about a handful of cheap moving companies on the internet, compare their moving quotes and find the best one suitable for you, which is cheap, affordable, and ideal for you. These professionals will make sure that your moving process becomes smooth and stress-free.

Use Your Move as an Opportunity To Downsize

If you’re like most people, your home or apartment is full of items that never get used, objects you don’t need, guilty clutter you can’t bring yourself to throw out, and other items that serve you no real purpose. Use your move as an opportunity to ditch unwanted and unused items. You can sell items with value and donate those that are more than gently used. If you opt to sell, don’t go through the hassle of hosting a garage sale, as that will just cost you more time and money. Instead, snap photos as you go through your items and upload them to Facebook, Craigslist, LetGo, and other online sites. For items you choose to donate, call and schedule a Salvation Army pickup.

If you have bulky furniture, make sure to take measurements of the items and the rooms in your new home. It would be a waste of precious moving weight (read: money) if you got to your new home only to realize your oversize sectional doesn’t fit in the living room.

If You’re a Book Junkie, Let USPS Move Your Literature

Books are often the heaviest items to move and, depending on the extent of your collection, can add hundreds of pounds to your truck weight. You can reduce the moving truck cost by shipping your books to your new home via Media Mail through the USPS. To ship a 20-pound box of books, you’re looking at paying no more than $12.

Get Creative With Your Packing

Laundry baskets. Trash bins. Suitcases. Coolers. Random baskets. Chances are your home has dozens of storage options in which you can pack your belongings. By using containers you already own, you can save money on boxes and space in the truck.

Meal Prep

Eating out is one of the greatest moving expenses people accrue, as most people are loath to cook in the first week or two following a move. You can save yourself money and the headache of cooking by prepping meals before the big day or investing in a meal kit service for that first couple of weeks. Most meal kit services offer a free week of meals to entice new customers, so though you may have to put forth some effort, you could end up eating for free.

Truthfully, moving will never be easy or cheap. However, with the above hacks, you can make your move a little more of both.